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Experts: Environmental Regulations and Law

Michael Vandenbergh: Environmental and energy law

Professor of Law; Tarkington Chair in Teaching Excellence director, Environmental Law Program; director, Climate Change Research Network

Vandenbergh is an expert on environmental and energy law. His research explores the relationship between formal legal regulation and informal social regulation of individual and corporate behavior and the legal, economic and social influences on the environmentally significant behaviors of individuals and companies. He has strong experience with national media outlets.

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J.B. Ruhl: Environmental law, land use, Endangered Species Act, property law

David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair in Law

Ruhl is an expert in environmental law, land use, property law and the Endangered Species Act. He can talk about how climate change is being handled in U.S. courts. His influential articles on environmental law relating to climate change, the Endangered Species Act, ecosystems, federal public lands, and other land use and environmental issues have been selected among the best law review articles in the field of environmental law six times from 1989 to 2011. He has strong experience with national media outlets.

Contact: 615-322-6500 · News Service: 615-322-2706 · Email: Email · Website