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Experts: Economics, Corporations & Campaign Spending, Finance Policy

Alexei Ovtchinnikov (Photo courtesy of Owen Graduate School of Management)Alexei Ovtchinnikov: Campaign contributions and corporations

Assistant Professor of Finance

Ovtchinnikov is an expert in the field of corporate finance, financial management, mergers and acquisitions and investment performance. Ovtchinnikov completed research this year on individual political campaign contributions and the impact those contributions have on corporations. Using innovative techniques to match geographic areas that are most affected by government policy with “economically relevant” or powerful politicians, Ovtchinnikov and Eva Pantaleoni, a researcher at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, analyzed nearly 5 million campaign donations between 1991 and 2008. They found strong evidence that individuals who make political donations – whether at the behest of companies or not – directly benefit businesses in their communities.

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Peter Rousseau: Historical perspective of financial markets and the macroeconomy

Professor of Economics, Professor of History

Rousseau studies the financial markets from a historical perspective. He can discuss how financial markets affect the macroeconomy in the long-term and through financial crises. Rousseau can also address the role of markets in spreading transformative technological changes through an economy and how war impacts financial markets.

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