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VUMC performs its first combined lung and liver transplant

Dec. 14, 2023—Connie Rankin of Memphis, Tennessee, received Vanderbilt's first combined lung and liver transplant, which involved dozens of specialists, including transplant teams for both organs.

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James Newman named Vice President and CFO for Clinical Support Services Division

Dec. 14, 2023—James Newman, MBA, CPA, Associate Vice President for Finance, has been named Vice President of Finance and Divisional Chief Financial Officer for the Clinical Support Services Division for Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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Speed, collaboration key in saving patient in midst of a heart attack

Dec. 12, 2023—Lenny Leedy was attending a law enforcement conference in Nashville when he started experiencing symptoms of a heart attack. Today, Leedy is thankful the friend who offered to drive him to the hospital said, "We're going to Vanderbilt."

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Chad Fitzgerald named to lead Clinical Support Services Division

Dec. 12, 2023—Chad Fitzgerald, JD, Senior Vice President for Health System Emergency Operations, has been named Executive Vice President and will lead Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Clinical Support Services Division.

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Colorectal cancer ‘cartography’ reveals an avenue to improved immunotherapy

Dec. 11, 2023—Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers have discovered why most colorectal tumors escape detection and destruction by the body’s immune system.

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Vanderbilt research presented at Cancer Moonshot meet

Dec. 8, 2023—Vanderbilt Colorectal cancer expert Bob Coffey, MD, was recently invited to present his research to representatives of President Joe Biden’s reignited Cancer Moonshot initiative.

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Gut microbiota metabolite protects against obesity: study

Dec. 8, 2023—Vanderbilt researchers have discovered that beneficial bacteria in the small intestines produce a compound that protects against obesity.

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You missed a few: a better way to count health care-associated influenza cases

Dec. 8, 2023—The traditional definition of health care-associated influenza leads to gross undercounting, a Vanderbilt study suggests.

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Suicide ideation response plan implemented to assist at-risk adults

Dec. 8, 2023—Vanderbilt Health’s Adult Ambulatory clinics have a new Suicide Ideation Response Plan that will provide clinicians and staff with additional resources to provide appropriate care for patients who are identified as thinking about or planning suicide.

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Rohini Chakravarthy and Jill Berkman join Office of Health Equity

Dec. 7, 2023—Rohini Chakravarthy, MD, MBA, and Jill Berkman, MD, have joined VUMC’s Office of Health Equity.

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How to get the biggest “bang” for the research “buck”

Dec. 7, 2023—Vanderbilt researchers are developing new methods to maximize what can be learned from clinical trials and cohort studies, while maintaining their rigor and reproducibility.

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William Cooper named interim chair of the Department of Pediatrics

Dec. 7, 2023—William Cooper, MD, MPH, has been named Interim chair of the Department of Pediatrics. He will assume this role Feb. 1, 2024.  

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