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Predicting cancer’s response to therapy

Jun. 24, 2013—Researchers are developing imaging methods to predict patient outcome early in the course of chemotherapy for breast cancer – to allow clinicians to adjust therapy for patients who are not responding.

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Rhythm response tied to gene variant

Jun. 21, 2013—A genetic variant that increases risk for atrial fibrillation also impacts the response to a common therapy for the heart rhythm disorder.

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ACM, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center hold annual ‘Lifting Lives’ music camp

Jun. 20, 2013—ACM Lifting Lives® and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities will partner again for the 4th Annual ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp, June 23-29. The weeklong, residential camp is open to individuals with Williams syndrome, a rare genetic condition (estimated to occur in one/7,500 births) that causes medical and developmental problems. It...

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Initiative to enhance operational practices

Jun. 20, 2013—With a desire toward process improvement that will result in lasting change, and in response to ongoing financial pressures from declining reimbursements for the treatment of Medicare and Medicaid patients along with reductions to federal research funding due to the nation’s ballooning deficit, Vanderbilt University Medical Center is embarking on a comprehensive program designed to sharpen operational practices throughout the institution to better meet the economic realities facing the future of health care delivery and research.

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VUSM bolstering students’ clinical experiences

Jun. 20, 2013—Willie Melvin, M.D., assistant professor of Surgery, trains residents and more advanced medical students, so he was pleasantly surprised by first year Vanderbilt University School of Medicine students Darin Diiorio and Shaun Mansour, who had no clinical experience before arriving in his clinic last September.

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Correa honored by gastroenterological society

Jun. 20, 2013—The American Gastroentero-logical Association (AGA) has honored Pelayo Correa, M.D., with its Distinguished Achievement Award, which recognizes an individual for contributions to research that have advanced the science and practice of gastroenterology.

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Maury Regional, VICC to open Spring Hill facility

Jun. 20, 2013—Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) and Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC) have joined forces to open a new radiation oncology treatment center for cancer patients in Spring Hill, Tenn.

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Award winners

Jun. 20, 2013—The latest Credo Award and Five Pillar Leader Award winners were announced at Wednesday’s Clinical Enterprise Leadership Assembly at Langford Auditorium.

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VUMC poised to meet health care’s challenges

Jun. 20, 2013—The nation’s health care challenges are immense, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center is rising to meet them — with an emphasis on integration, collaboration, and by improving efficiency, quality and service to its patients.

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Studies outline new model for staph bone infections

Jun. 20, 2013—Osteomyelitis, a debilitating bone infection most frequently caused by Staphylococcus aureus (“staph”) bacteria, is particularly challenging to treat.

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Program gives young patients creative outlet

Jun. 20, 2013—Caleb Clark is a soft-spoken, polite 10-year-old boy who’s not overly talkative. But what emotions and feelings he doesn’t express with words come pouring out with a splash of water colors on paper — joy, sadness, anger, happiness and peace.

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Eskind Biomedical Library thrives on managing knowledge

Jun. 20, 2013—Over the past 18 years perhaps no program of Vanderbilt University Medical Center has undergone more change than Eskind Biomedical Library (EBL).

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