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Life, Earth and Space

Molecular biologist receives Humboldt Research Award

Feb. 27, 2009—Ellen H. Fanning, Stevenson Professor of Biological Sciences at Vanderbilt University, has received a 2009 Humboldt Research Award.

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Vanderbilt biochemist receives 2009 Sigma Xi award

Jan. 29, 2009—Brandt F. Eichman, assistant professor of biological sciences and biochemistry at Vanderbilt University, has received Sigma Xi's Young Investigator Award.

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New nano device detects immune system cell signaling

Sep. 3, 2008—Scientists have detected previously unnoticed chemical signals that individual cells in the immune system use to communicate with each other over short distances.

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New method of measuring insulin promises improvements in diabetes treatment

Apr. 15, 2008—A new method that uses nanotechnology to rapidly measure minute amounts of insulin is a major step toward developing the ability to assess the health of the body\'s insulin-producing cells in real time.

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RNA therapy heals growth deficiency disorder in a live animal

Dec. 18, 2007—A team of Vanderbilt researchers has demonstrated for the first time that a new type of gene therapy, called RNA interference, can heal a genetic disorder in a live animal.

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New insights into how lasers cut flesh

Oct. 25, 2007—Lasers are at the cutting edge of surgery. From cosmetic to brain surgery, intense beams of coherent light are gradually replacing the steel scalpel for many procedures.

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When proteins, antibodies and other biological molecules kiss, a new kind of biosensor can tell

Sep. 20, 2007—When biological molecules kiss, a new kind of biosensor can tell. A new and deceptively simple technique has been developed by chemists at Vanderbilt University that can measure the interactions between free-floating, unlabeled biological molecules including proteins, sugars, antibodies, DNA and RNA.

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