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A colonoscopy can save your life

Mar. 1, 2008—Research shows colon cancer can be decreased up to 90 percent by removing polyps from the colon before they become cancer, yet half of those people, who should be checked, don’t have the screening.

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Video: Should states mandate HPV vaccine for public school students?

Feb. 6, 2008—Watch streaming video of a multi-disciplinary panel taking up the controversial topic of state-required vaccinations for sexually transmitted disease on Tuesday, Feb. 5, in the Flynn Auditorium of the Vanderbilt Law School.

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Gene variant doubles risk of developing autism

Jan. 1, 2008—A Vanderbilt research team reports, in the largest study of any single gene, that a gene, identified in cancer, is also involved in autism.

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Some common sedatives could negatively affect the brain

Oct. 1, 2007—Doctors say it is a massive public health problem - very sick patients in intensive care may get better, but their brains suffer from delirium, an acute brain dysfunction - very likely caused by the care they got in intensive care.

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Video: Finding their passion

Aug. 31, 2007—It's just something you have to see to believe: move-in day for more than 1,600 new undergraduates and the official Founders Walk welcome. Our VUCast crew tags along as the new students begin their Vanderbilt journey.

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Creating the bionic arm of the future

Jun. 29, 2007—Vanderbilt University is part of a revolutionary national program aimed at creating more life-like prosthetics for the thousands of amputees in this country.

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Senior Day Study Break Video: "Influenza: A Concern for All People (pan demos)"

May. 25, 2007—James Crowe, M.D., is a Vanderbilt professor of pediatrics, microbiology and immunology. Crowe discussed the concerns associated with possible influenza pandemic.

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VUMC Researchers Study ‘Chemo Fog’

Mar. 21, 2007—As many as 30 percent of chemotherapy patients suffer from chemo fog causing moderate cognitive brain impairment. With funding help from athlete and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers are studying how to clear chemo fog. Barb Cramer has the story.

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Research shows teenage girls think faster than teenage boys

Oct. 28, 2006—It appears to be true – girls can think faster than guys – at least as teenagers.

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Video: Creating the Star Chamber

Oct. 27, 2006—Atop one of the highest points in the Nashville area, a spiral sculpture of stone is taking shape that will combine art and science in an innovative approach to making science compelling, especially to students.

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