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Influx of major NIH grants fuels growth of research enterprise

Jul. 14, 2016—During the past two weeks, researchers at Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) have brought in a number of new research grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that together achieve $137 million in new funding. The funding is a trans-institutional accomplishment of the Schools of Engineering and Medicine and the College of Arts and Science.

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These Doctors Mean Business: Med school graduates contributing in non-clinical roles

Sep. 18, 2014—While patient care is an important part of the careers of the majority of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine graduates, some find that they can make the greatest leadership contributions in non-clinical roles. “The solid foundation that these graduates have received in the art and science of medicine allows them to function much more effectively...

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Women and Children First: OB-GYN dedicates career to providing care to underserved population

Feb. 24, 2014—John Heusinkveld, M.D., thought when he was a medical student that he didn’t want to practice obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN). So, during his third year, he chose the specialty as his first clinic rotation to get it out of the way. But he was surprisingly pulled in that direction, and after graduating from VUSM in...

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Vanderbilt students, on the record

Sep. 26, 2013—On Oct. 14, Vanderbilt students will finally join neighboring universities like Belmont and MTSU in providing opportunities for students to gain experience in the commercial music industry. Founded under the umbrella of Vanderbilt Student Communications is a new media enterprise: RVU Records, a record label and recording studio that will serve Vanderbilt’s musicians, recording engineers...

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Making a world of difference

Jun. 3, 2013—“It is often said that Africans excel in relationships. I have discovered over the past two years that it is true. I cherish the relationships that are slowly building here in Kijabe; I feel a part of the staff now, and we have a wonderful time talking, teasing, swapping Swahili…It is a country of incredible...

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A Life Changed: A Vanderbilt nurse recounts the tragic night that would change her life forever

Feb. 11, 2013—Mia Sharp Bransford, R.N., EMT, works as a nurse at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, helping injured and sick children in the Emergency Department. Usually, her work and dedication to treat children and patients is performed in the hospital. But the soft-spoken, friendly nurse unselfishly rose to the challenge while on vacation to...

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The future is all around us

Jul. 3, 2012—A selected group of Medical Center leaders were asked about where they think the opportunities and challenges lie in the decade ahead, and the part that all of us play as we move ahead together. The strategy was to ask many people the same questions, on the theory that they would think about the question...

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On a Patient’s Worst Day

Apr. 26, 2012—Minutes from now, the newly conscious patient will flail softly in her bed and try to pull out her breathing tube. A nurse will be there to stay her hand. Right now, though, she’s slipping toward death. As she was being turned in her bed, her heart rate plummeted, and it hasn’t returned. She’s gone...

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Honky-Tonk Heroes and Healing Hands: Vanderbilt and Music City’s hit makers deliver perfect harmony

Apr. 2, 2012—Songwriter Harlan Howard said it best: “Country music is three chords and the truth.” Out of that simple formula has come a genre that defines the Nashville sound and its worldwide community of listeners. Where the only cure for a broken heart is to sing about it. Where tractors and trucks are the transportation of...

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A Course in True Love: Medical students look to future after cancer-related detour

Feb. 10, 2012—Although clichés are passé, omnia vincit amor – love conquers all – is highly appropriate in describing the longtime relationship between third-year Vanderbilt medical student Sarah Proffitt and her boyfriend, Amos Clark. Proffitt and Clark grew up in the small town of Athens in East Tennessee where almost everyone knows everybody. These two were no...

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Rewired: Helping children with traumatic brain injury

Jan. 6, 2012—Nine-year-old Stevie Wintz stares down the pitches that sail over home plate and is rewarded with a walk to first base. Once safely on the bag, with the sound of “Party Rock Anthem” blaring from another field, he breaks into his signature dance moves – like his whole body is made of Jell-O and he...

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Researchers strive to refill drug discovery ‘pipeline’

Oct. 3, 2011—Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have made substantial progress in developing potential new treatments for Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and fragile X syndrome, the most common genetic form of autism.

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