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Divide And Conquer: Young Ambassadors help researcher track down cancer’s Achilles’ heel

Jul. 8, 2011—When the United States declared a “War on Cancer” 40 years ago, the endeavor was envisioned as a strategic battle, with doctors and researchers employing overwhelming force and lethal technology in a straightforward march to victory against a disease that claimed millions of lives. Scientists have made progress in the ensuing years, yet the enemy...

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Tackling diabetes

Jun. 24, 2011—Last April, 13-year-old Luke Mitchell had a routine well-child checkup at his pediatrician’s office in Nashville. The visit ended up being anything but routine. Instead of hearing that everything was OK and being sent on his way, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.    

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100 reasons why Vanderbilt is a great place to work

May. 6, 2011—Vanderbilt University is a great place to work. There are a lot of reasons for this, and that’s what this list is about. Vanderbilt, the largest private employer in Nashville, combines great benefits, the cultural advantages of a major university, and the financial clout that makes staff and faculty coveted customers for local retailers.

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At the Friends Shop, every single sale matters

Apr. 21, 2011—Retail therapy is how many shoppers justify their bulging closets, but that new purse or coat purchased in the Friends Shop at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt is truly part of the healing process — the source of the toy or balloon that brightens a patient’s stay, an escape for families and...

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A legacy of lifesaving

Apr. 21, 2011—Cheryl Major, R.N., may have saved more babies than anyone in the state of Tennessee. Some of them she has saved in person as a neonatal nurse. Many more she has saved by providing lifesaving skills to others who care for fragile newborns. If you spend any time at all at the Monroe Carell Jr....

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Cancer Center study snuffs out menthol myths

Mar. 24, 2011—People who smoke mentholated cigarettes are no more likely to develop lung cancer or die from the disease than are smokers of non-mentholated brands, a new study shows.

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The two Dr. Zics

Nov. 5, 2010—Conventional wisdom says never to look a gift horse in the mouth, but on a normal day seeing patients in the clinic, John Zic, M.D., found himself staring down at a literal gift horse, not quite sure how to react. His patient Beth McDaniel and her husband, Roger, had just proudly presented Zic with a...

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Hitting all the right notes

Nov. 4, 2010—Award-winning country music group Rascal Flatts visited the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt last week. The group’s members — Jay DeMarcus, Gary LeVox and Joe Don Rooney — stayed busy performing for patients and families, making visits to patient rooms and attending the dedication of the newly announced “Rascal Flatts Surgery Center” at...

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Big dreams for tiny babies

Sep. 30, 2010—Wearing clothing made to fit a 6- to 9-month-old baby, Becca Hill’s tiny size is deceptive of her real age. The bubbly 2-year-old smiles and laughs as she poses for a photograph. Becca was born nearly three months early with the astoundingly low birth weight of 13 ounces (slightly heavier than a can of soda)...

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Paired kidney exchange links donors, recipients

Sep. 30, 2010—Amy Ragsdale and Brenda Copeland have a lot in common. Both suffered from polycystic kidney disease, an inherited kidney disorder. Both relied on dialysis for survival, needed kidney transplants and had several folks willing to donate. But neither of them had a compatible match among their donor pool. Luckily the pair had another thing in...

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Spotlight on Graduate Medical Education

Jul. 15, 2010—There’s an old joke that gets passed around teaching hospitals: don’t get sick in July. Why? July 1 is when the new residents arrive on the floors of the hospital, fresh from medical school and with limited patient care experience under their belts. Television medical dramas like to portray residents as bumbling indentured servants at...

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Giving kids with heart defects a better life

Jul. 15, 2010—One of Joey Barnett’s earliest memories is sitting on his grandfather’s lap as he read aloud from his grandchildren’s textbooks and science magazines, such as National Geographic. “Grandpa Barnett would say, ‘Joey, this is the sun. The sun is a star. This is a planet. Planets go around the sun. This is a moon. Moons...

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