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Beware the eyes of March: Vanderbilt ophthalmologist offers tips for preventing and treating dry eyes during windy weather

Mar. 23, 2015—For the past few months, much of the nation has donned hats, boots, scarves and gloves as they face brutally cold and icy conditions of winter. As temperatures rise, making outdoor activities more enticing, Vanderbilt ophthalmologists suggest not to be in such a hurry to stop protecting yourself from the elements. Why? March is known...

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Vanderbilt ophthalmologist offers tips for healthy eyes in winter

Jan. 31, 2014—Cold weather can be rough on skin, drying it out and making it itchy and uncomfortable, but winter can also be harsh on another part of body—the eyes. During the winter months, the air outside and indoors is typically dry. The lack of moisture can make the surfaces of the eye drier as well causing...

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Last Days of Winter Can be Hard on Eyes; Vanderbilt Ophthalmologist Offers Care Tips

Feb. 20, 2013—Winter may be slowly giving way to spring, but the remaining cold days of the season can cause plenty of trouble for the eyes—trouble that is largely avoidable, says a Vanderbilt Eye Institute ophthalmologist.

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VUCast: Suffering from dry eyes?

Mar. 25, 2011—Contact lenses that change lives. A Vandy junior is queen for a day – Mardi Gras style! And a student takes on Mars – Bruno Mars that is.

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