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Using delegation functionality within Workday; Delegation policy now in PolicyTech

Mar. 31, 2023—Delegation functionality is available within Workday to help keep tasks moving when an employee is temporarily out of the office, such as on PTO or a leave of absence. VUMC employees can temporarily delegate tasks to others within their Supervisory Organization (i.e., department) when they are unable to complete those tasks. Delegation is a temporary...

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Workday Help provides self-service tools and case management for HR-related needs

Mar. 31, 2023—Workday Help is a useful feature within Workday that will help VUMC employees quickly find answers to any of their HR-related questions. Workday Help provides self-help articles related to numerous HR topics, such as parental leave or FMLA. Employees are encouraged to explore these articles and get answers to many common HR questions. For questions...

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How do I get help with Workday and Tecsys?

Mar. 30, 2023—There are several resources available to help you if you need help during the transition to Workday and Tecsys. For Workday, the first course of action is to use the numerous self-help resources available: Training modules within the Learning Exchange (Tecsys users should also review the training) “Guide Me” prompts powered by WalkMe within Workday...

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How to access and log in to Workday

Mar. 30, 2023—Workday is a cloud-based system, so it is available from any Internet browser. The URL to access Workday is Employees should bookmark this URL for future use. Employees who use a VUMC IT-managed clinical or administrative workstation can also access Workday from the icon that is available on their desktops. Many VUMC websites—such as...

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Report on last meeting of MyWorkday Change Network before April 1 Go Live

Mar. 28, 2023—On March 21, the MyWorkday Change Network gathered for the last time before the April 1 Go Live of the project. The meeting was full of useful information to help prepare the Change Network and the teams they support for the upcoming transition to Workday and Tecsys. Senior Director of Learning and Development Claudia Fontaine...

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MyWorkday Topic Spotlight: Historical Data in Workday

Mar. 28, 2023—As part of the MyWorkday effort, some historical information will be imported into the new system. An overview of this information is available on the MyWorkday website, Many legacy systems, such as C2HR will remain in read-only format.

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MyWorkday Topic Spotlight: Viewing payslips in MyWorkday

Mar. 27, 2023—With the transition to Workday on April 1, 2023, employees will now find pay information within Workday. The first payroll to be processed within Workday will be the April 14, 2023, payroll cycle for non-exempt (hourly) employees. Payslip information will be visible for those employees on April 13, 2023. For exempt (salaried) employees, the first...

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MyWorkday website provides extensive resources for employees to help manage transition to Workday and Tecsys

Mar. 27, 2023—The MyWorkday website (available at provides a wealth of resources for employees to help better manage the transition to using Workday and Tecsys. Some of this information includes: 5 Things to Know About MyWorkday infographic Change Impacts Report, which summarizes key changes in workflows and business processes to help determine gaps between current and...

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What is MyWorkday?

Mar. 27, 2023—The MyWorkday project at VUMC involves the implementation of two new cloud-based systems, Workday and Tecsys. Taken together, this extensive transition of dozens of outdated VUMC systems allows VUMC to modernize and simplify its business tools. Large departments such as Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, and Research and Grants have software systems that need updating....

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MyWorkday featured FAQs roundup

Mar. 27, 2023—Q:  What will happen to PCards? Will I get a new one after Go Live? What about travel and entertainment (T&E) cards? All current PCard users will keep their PCards—there is no need to get a new one after Go Live. Authorized users may continue to purchase necessary items through the Go Live date on...

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MyWorkday Command Center now open – What to expect during Go Live

Mar. 27, 2023—The MyWorkday Command Center opened on March 13, in preparation for the April 1 Go Live of the two new systems, Workday and Tecsys. It will remain open through the Go Live period, expected to last until mid-April. As with other Command Centers for large-scale technology implementations, the Command Center will be staffed by functional...

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Early March meeting of MyWorkday Change Network helps prepare teams for Go Live

Mar. 21, 2023—With the MyWorkday Go Live fast approaching on April 1, the Change Network is meeting more regularly to prepare for the upcoming transition. The group convenes every two weeks to discuss information critical the successful implementation of Workday and Tecsys. In its recent meeting on March 8, the group discussed several important topics. Senior Director...

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