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MyWorkday featured FAQs: Mobile app, how to get help at Go Live

Mar. 21, 2023—Q: Does Workday have a mobile app?  A: Yes, Workday does have a mobile app that employees can download. It will, however, not initially be supported by VUMC resources. The Help Desk will be unable to answer questions or provide guidance for use of the Workday app. Therefore, it is not advised to use the...

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MyWorkday featured FAQs: Access to Workday, including via VPN

Mar. 17, 2023—Q: How do I access and log into Workday?  A: Workday is a cloud-based system, so it is available from any Internet browser. The URL to access Workday is Employees should bookmark this URL for future use. Employees who use a VUMC IT-managed clinical or administrative workstation can also access Workday from the icon...

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MyWorkday Topic Spotlight: PeopleFinder

Mar. 14, 2023—With the implementation of Workday on April 1, the PeopleFinder application will be retired. Information available via that application will no longer be updated and may be inaccurate. Employees can use the Workday system to search for contact information for their co-workers. They can also use the directory within the Outlook web application. Individuals outside...

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MyWorkday outreach: Visit the MyWorkday team and learn more

Mar. 10, 2023—The MyWorkday team will be in person on the Nashville campus and the regional hospitals—stop by to learn more about the project. Employees can get important information and chat with a member of the team before the April 1 Go Live of the MyWorkday project. The team will be on-site the following locations, dates, and...

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MyWorkday Topic Spotlight: Concur

Mar. 10, 2023—The MyWorkday project will bring substantial changes to Concur, VUMC’s current system for booking travel and creating and routing expense reports. After April 1, employees will continue to use Concur as they always have for booking travel. Expense report management will now occur entirely within Workday. The employee’s manager will approve expense reports, which will...

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MyWorkday Topic Spotlight: C2HR

Mar. 7, 2023—As of April 1, C2HR will be retired—employees will use Workday for managing their personal information, viewing and updating tax-related information, viewing leave balances, managing banking information, and ensuring their emergency contact information is accurate. All employees should log into Workday after Go Live to review their emergency contact information. Any changes that were made...

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Featured MyWorkday FAQs: performance evaluation and what current tools will not change

Feb. 28, 2023—Q: With the move to Workday, will our performance evaluation cycle change? No, our current performance evaluation cycle and basic timing will remain the same. Annual performance evaluations will now be captured in Workday rather than Performance Central. Look for more information after Go Live about performance evaluations. Q: It feels like we are getting...

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MyWorkday Topic Spotlight: Requesting Paid Time Off

Feb. 28, 2023—The implementation of Workday will bring a significant change for many employees at VUMC: requesting Paid Time Off in advance. Employees who do not currently use Vandyworks will use the Workday system for requesting scheduled PTO. Exempt employees will no longer use Kronos for managing their PTO—they will instead use Workday for requesting, recording, and...

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MyWorkday Change Network meeting highlights supply chain and security roles

Feb. 28, 2023—The most recent meeting of the MyWorkday Change Network occurred on Feb. 22, 2023. Attendees were reminded of the wealth of readiness resources to help them prepare their areas for the project’s Go Live on Apr. 1, 2023, including: Information on cutover Change impact analysis Cost center translator (VUMC network required to access) FAQs Training...

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Topic Spotlight: Ordering medical supplies

Feb. 24, 2023—With the implementation of Tecsys as our new point-of-use system on April 1, employees will use one of two systems for ordering medical supplies. In Vanderbilt Health’s outpatient clinics, Workday will be used for medical supply ordering (with the exception of trackable tissues). In all other areas—inpatient, procedural areas, emergency departments, and operating rooms—Tecsys will...

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Collaboration, creativity necessary for “Stronger Together” cost initiative: Leadership Assembly highlights

Feb. 23, 2023—February's Leadership Assembly explored the next stage of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s ongoing journey.

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MyWorkday Super Users and at-the-elbow support will help support program success; Roster still open for support of Tecsys implementation

Feb. 17, 2023—On April 1, every single member of the VUMC community will be impacted by the Go Live of the MyWorkday program, which involves the implementation of two new cloud-based systems, Workday and Tecsys. To help ensure that the MyWorkday program is a success, nearly 2,000 Super Users have been identified from departments all over VUMC....

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