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New Faculty 2014 Archives

New faculty: Dugan explores complexities of Alzheimer’s

Oct. 20, 2014—Laura Dugan strives to bring breakthroughs in neuroscience research and the aging brain together.

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New faculty: Neal will train next generation of nurse-midwives

Oct. 13, 2014—Cesarean delivery is the most common major surgery in the United States. Although sometimes necessary for the health of mother or child, Jeremy Neal thinks too many C-sections are done without good rationale, contributing to adverse health outcomes.

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New faculty: Jordan studies sleep disorders in children

Oct. 8, 2014—As one of the few board-certified pediatric sleep specialists in the region, Atia Jordan works with a multidisciplinary team to address sleep concerns in an effort to improve the overall health and well-being of her patients.

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New faculty: Maxwell studies trauma recovery in older population

Oct. 3, 2014—Working in trauma and critical care for most of her career, Cathy Maxwell noticed profound differences among older patients and their responses to injury. Her curiosity led her to become a nurse researcher in this area.

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New Medical Faculty 2014

Sep. 30, 2014—View a complete list of new School of Medicine and School of Nursing faculty for 2014.

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