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A new target for neuroblastoma

Feb. 14, 2018—Vanderbilt investigators have discovered that a sirtuin protein has oncogenic properties in neuroblastoma cells — and that blocking it reduces their growth and tumor-like characteristics.

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Boosting sarcoma cell death

Oct. 4, 2017—A compound identified at Vanderbilt represents a new lead for treating rare, aggressive childhood cancers called Ewing sarcomas.

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Blocking neuroblastoma cell growth

Mar. 22, 2017—An inhibitor of cell metabolism may be a good therapeutic target for neuroblastoma, which accounts for about 15 percent of pediatric cancer-related deaths.

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Proliferative capacity of neuroblastoma

Aug. 31, 2016—The sphere-forming frequency of neuroblastoma cells is a measure of their proliferative capacity and could help guide treatment strategies for neuroblastoma.

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Rally for Kids with Cancer

Oct. 8, 2015—Actor and retired professional basketball player Rick Fox (sitting to the left of mascot Champ) poses for a photo with his scavenger hunt team, Cancer Crushers, at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt on Oct. 3. The Cancer Crushers participated in and won the second annual Rally for Kids with Cancer, which raises funds for pediatric cancer research, treatment and care at Children’s Hospital and the Rally Foundation.

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