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Reporter May 19 2023

Treating kidney injury before it happens

May. 23, 2023—Pretreatment of an animal model with a novel compound called PHAD reduced kidney injury, suggesting it may be a good candidate for preventing kidney injury in surgical patients.

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Neurofluid flow and Alzheimer’s disease

May. 22, 2023—Vanderbilt researchers used novel MRI methods to noninvasively quantify measures of neurofluid circulation and found that hypertrophy of a site of cerebrospinal fluid egress may be related to amyloid-beta retention in Alzheimer’s disease.

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A legacy spanning generations

May. 19, 2023—The Carell family was recently hosted by leaders of Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

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Gorden honored with Vanderbilt Diabetes Center Lifetime Achievement Award

May. 19, 2023—Phillip Gorden, MD, a Vanderbilt University undergraduate and School of Medicine alumnus, was recently honored with the Vanderbilt Diabetes Center Lifetime Achievement Award, during the recent Diabetes Day sponsored by the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center and the Irwin B. Eskind Endowed Symposium.

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New Angel 7 ambulance offers ECMO transport

May. 19, 2023—Employees are invited to tour Angel 7 on Tuesday, May 23, to help celebrate EMS week. The ambulance will be located in front of Monroe Carell from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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A critical skin enzyme

May. 18, 2023—Detailed studies of the enzymatic properties of PNPLA1 support the requirement for this protein in skin barrier formation.

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Billing codes aid lupus diagnosis

May. 18, 2023—Vanderbilt researchers used billing codes in electronic health records to develop a “phenotype risk score” that identified established and undiagnosed people with lupus.

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Vanderbilt Prize lecture highlights diversity, mentoring

May. 18, 2023—Ruth Lehmann, PhD, director of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, delivered last week's Vanderbilt Prize Discovery Lecture.

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New view of mutations informs disease risk, treatment response

May. 18, 2023—A transcontinental research effort led by scientists from Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the University of Michigan has upended some long-standing assumptions about mutations — how often they occur, what causes them and what they do.

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Event celebrates five years of DAISY Awards

May. 18, 2023—Winners of The DAISY Award from throughout Vanderbilt Health gathered recently to celebrate nearly five years that Vanderbilt has participated in the national recognition for extraordinary nurses who exemplify compassion toward patients and families.

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Commencement 2023

May. 17, 2023—Hundreds of Vanderbilt medical, nursing and graduate students took part in last week's Commencement.

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Poll shows more than 1-in-4 Tennessee parents worried their kids have undiagnosed depression, anxiety

May. 17, 2023—The latest analysis of the 2023 Tennessee Child Health Poll, released during National Mental Health Awareness Month, has found that roughly 29% of Tennessee parents are concerned their child has undiagnosed anxiety or depression.

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