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Reporter May 8 2020

New rule outlines when to challenge a penicillin allergy

May. 6, 2020—According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fewer than 1% of the population is truly allergic to penicillin. The rest were never allergic to begin with or have outgrown their allergy — an estimated 80% of people with penicillin allergy lose their sensitivity to the drug within 10 years.

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Unplanned extubations in preterm infants studied

May. 6, 2020—Unplanned extubations (UEs) in adult and pediatric populations have long been associated with poor clinical outcomes and increased costs to health care systems.

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2020 Vanderbilt University Medical Center parking permit renewal information

May. 4, 2020—Currently, parking permits are set to expire on June 30, 2020. The auto-renewal process for these permits would typically begin during the month of May. In an effort to better serve staff and minimize information overload during this unprecedented time, permits will be extended for 2 months.

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VUMC builds a service line around care of COVID-19 patients

May. 4, 2020—Care of COVID-19 patients has led to swift establishment of a COVID service line at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, complete with the institutional infrastructure, planning and multi-disciplinary coordination implied by the service line designation.

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