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Beloved VUMC colleague and acclaimed scientist David Robertson mourned

Jan. 18, 2024—David Robertson, MD, a beloved leader and mentor, and a pioneer in the clinical research of blood pressure disorders at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, died Jan. 12 at his home in Nashville. He was 76.

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Hartmann named director of UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science

Jan. 17, 2024—Katherine Hartmann, MD, PhD, Vice President for Research Integration for Vanderbilt University Medical Center, has been named director of the University of Kentucky (UK) Center for Clinical and Translational Science.

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Data haul improves immunotherapy response prediction

Jan. 16, 2024—Vanderbilt biostatisticians have developed an immunotherapy response model that outperforms existing predictive models.

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‘Molecular Muse’ exhibit features Artist-in-Residence program’s science-inspired art

Jan. 16, 2024—The “Molecular Muse” art exhibit on display in Light Hall is a sampling of pieces from the Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and Inflammation Artist-in-Residence (VI4-AiR) program, which brings together scientists and artists to create and promote art as a visual science communication tool.

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Team uses COVID-19 to test automated acute disease profiling

Jan. 2, 2024—An automated solution for creating phenotyping algorithms, PheNorm, worked well to identify symptomatic COVID-19 cases in electronic health records, suggesting that automation could speed high-throughput phenotyping of acute disease.

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Glucose metabolism influences B cell function

Dec. 29, 2023—Glucose metabolism influences the qualities of activated, mature B cells — white blood cells that are required for antibody-mediated immune responses, Vanderbilt researchers discovered.

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VUMC to launch Program for Health Equity Research

Dec. 29, 2023—VUMC's new Program for Health Equity Research aims to become the nation’s leader in health equity research that’s inclusive, supportive and diverse by creating a rigorous environment for application-driven research with rapid response to policies and practices.

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Melanoma, anyone?

Dec. 19, 2023—Collegiate tennis and golf athletes aren’t using enough sunscreen according to a recent survey; meanwhile, the deadly skin cancer melanoma is on the rise.

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Study examines social factors and cardiovascular disease risk

Dec. 18, 2023—Eight social factors were among the top 15 markers of cardiovascular disease risk and could help guide community prevention efforts, according to a new study using machine learning algorithms.

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Colorectal cancer ‘cartography’ reveals an avenue to improved immunotherapy

Dec. 11, 2023—Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers have discovered why most colorectal tumors escape detection and destruction by the body’s immune system.

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Vanderbilt research presented at Cancer Moonshot meet

Dec. 8, 2023—Vanderbilt Colorectal cancer expert Bob Coffey, MD, was recently invited to present his research to representatives of President Joe Biden’s reignited Cancer Moonshot initiative.

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Gut microbiota metabolite protects against obesity: study

Dec. 8, 2023—Vanderbilt researchers have discovered that beneficial bacteria in the small intestines produce a compound that protects against obesity.

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