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Risk marker for repeat sinus surgery

Aug. 11, 2020—An inflammatory factor in mucus could be a biomarker of treatment-resistant chronic sinusitis used to determine which patients are at risk for repeat sinus surgery.

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My Southern Health: Kids and sinus infections

Mar. 14, 2017—Siva Chinnadurai, associate professor of otolaryngology at Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, discusses the causes and treatments for sinus infections.

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Novel sinusitis treatment helps patient breathe easier

May. 12, 2016—For more than five years, Chandler Webb noticed that it was becoming more difficult to breathe through his nose.

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Itchy, runny nose may be an allergy – or the weather

Jan. 31, 2013—As winter continues to take most of the country on a temperature roller coaster ride, many find themselves reaching for pain relievers or other remedies to deal with runny noses and symptoms associated with sinus and allergy problems.

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