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Protein’s length, flexibility key to infection

Oct. 31, 2012—The structural architecture of the reovirus attachment protein is required for efficient reovirus infection of host cells.

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Additional volunteers needed for Flulapalooza Oct. 17 and 18

Oct. 10, 2012—Additional volunteers are needed Oct. 17 and 18 to assist with this year’s Flulapalooza, where Vanderbilt University and Medical Center faculty, staff, students and volunteers can quickly receive their flu vaccination during a mass flu vaccination plan. While exempt employees are encouraged to participate as volunteers, non-exempt employees also can participate in this event. All...

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Flulapalooza set for Oct. 17-18

Oct. 3, 2012—Vanderbilt University and Medical Center faculty, staff, students and volunteers will once again have the opportunity to be part of a mass flu vaccination plan that last year more than doubled the then-world record for the total number of vaccinations given in an eight-hour period.

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Long antibodies better against HIV

Jul. 19, 2012—Understanding how antibodies with long “loops” form may be important for HIV vaccine development.

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Dengue antibodies give vaccine leads

Apr. 27, 2012—New information may help speed development of a vaccine or treatment for dengue fever.

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Researchers spot Achilles’ heel in respiratory virus

Apr. 13, 2012—A new viral protein structure could jump-start vaccine development for two leading causes of lower respiratory disease in children and elderly adults.

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On the tail of RSV infection mechanism

Feb. 15, 2012—New details about the life cycle of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) could aid the development of therapies to combat this leading cause of serious illness in infants and the elderly.

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Diversity key in antibody repertoire

Oct. 7, 2011—Antibodies to the 2009 H1N1 influenza strain reveal new insights into how antibody diversity forms and functions, with possible implications for designing flu vaccines.

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