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Vanderbilt Sleep Disorders Center Archives

Autism and sleep problems

May. 10, 2022—Vanderbilt researchers developed a framework for using de-identified medical records to characterize sleep in people on the autism spectrum — a framework that should also be useful for studying other neurodevelopmental disorders.

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Sleep experts: daylight saving time has long-term brain effects

Nov. 4, 2019—Sleep experts published a JAMA Neurology commentary in which they recap large epidemiological studies to advocate for ending the practice.

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Digital study to evaluate how behavior strategies impact sleep in children with autism

Oct. 31, 2019—VUMC is recruiting nationally for a study on how to improve sleep in children with autism using a behavioral intervention given to parents entirely online, tracked by a digital portal.

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Treating sleep apnea key to reviving overall health

Jun. 21, 2018—A sleep apnea diagnosis can often be the start to a healthier and better life.

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Bank sleep for daylight savings time

Mar. 8, 2018—Banking sleep ahead of this weekend’s change to daylight saving time is a smart way to avoid the frantic feelings and lingering fatigue associated with the lost hour of slumber— if you do it the right way.

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Vanderbilt sleep experts offer tips to adjust to this weekend’s time change

Nov. 1, 2016—When daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 6, we set clocks back one hour, and essentially gain an extra hour of sleep—but that extra hour of sleep comes at the price of early evening darkness.

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New age-specific sleep recommendations for children issued

Jun. 16, 2016—Children who don’t get adequate rest are at risk for health problems ranging from diabetes to depression, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which this week issued age-specific sleep recommendations.

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Vanderbilt sleep specialist urges getting a head start on seasonal time change

Mar. 9, 2016—The Monday after daylight saving time takes effect doesn’t have to be a heart-stressed, mad-dash, car-crash kind of a day.

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Spring forward this weekend; Get tips on surviving the seasonal time change

Mar. 9, 2016—Vanderbilt Sleep Disorders Center specialist Kelly Brown has a list of tips people can follow to avoid the jolt to their sleep cycles and the resulting fatigue when clocks spring forward on Sunday, March 13.

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Sleep research for parents of children with ASD expanded

Feb. 25, 2016—The expansion of sleep education sessions through a research study will allow more parents to learn effective sleep strategies for children with autism spectrum disorder.

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Vanderbilt sleep specialist says begin preparing now for this weekend’s change to daylight saving time

Mar. 3, 2015—When daylight saving time takes effect on Sunday, March 8, it doesn’t have to mean a miserably groggy Monday morning. Start planning now to ease your body into the time transition. Clocks jump ahead one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 8, erasing an hour of sleep. That results in a population with fatigue,...

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Take a walk in the sun to ease time change woes, says Vanderbilt sleep expert

Oct. 30, 2014—Daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 2. As clocks turn back one hour, we gain an hour of sleep but often still feel groggy and sluggish. Vanderbilt Sleep Disorders Center specialist Kelly Brown, M.D., says this change in sleep schedule is exacerbated by our tendency to alter our sleep patterns on...

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