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Protect yourself against phishing attacks

Feb. 24, 2016—Vanderbilt IT has compiled the following information about what a phish looks like, common techniques used by attackers after an account is compromised, and best practices to protect yourself from becoming a victim of phishing.

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Hackers target Vanderbilt users in phishing attack

Nov. 10, 2014—Last weekend, hackers launched a significant phishing attack against Vanderbilt email users.

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Open Enrollment is coming: Do you know your VUnetID and ePassword?

Sep. 27, 2012—Open Enrollment for 2013 benefits is Oct. 17-31. This is an active enrollment, and all benefits-eligible employees need to enroll. When you enroll, you will need your VUnetID and ePassword. Please check that you know your VUnetID and ePassword before Open Enrollment begins. If you have not used your ePassword since last year’s Open Enrollment,...

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Requests to change ePassword are legitimate

Jun. 13, 2011—In order to comply with Vanderbilt’s annual password change requirement, everyone must change their ePassword annually.  All those who have not changed their password in the past year are strongly urged to do so right away.  As the annual expiration deadline approaches, account owners are sent daily e-mail reminders until the password is changed. There may be...

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