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New module helps equip clinicians to provide peer support

Sep. 8, 2021, 2:49 PM

The Faculty and Physician Wellness Program (FPWP) will launch a Quiz Time module on Sept. 13 to help equip faculty and physicians at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to provide self-care and peer support.

“When Clinicians Struggle: Finding Support at VUMC” Quiz Time module will help clinicians to recognize well-being needs in themselves and in their colleagues while ensuring they know how to utilize the FPWP, which offers services including counseling, coaching, assessment and treatment plans.

“The Quiz Time project was initiated by VUMC department chairs who are interested in helping VUMC faculty and physicians feel empowered to care for their own well-being,” said Beth Ann Yakes, MD, associate director of VWell Physician Support. “It can be challenging for clinicians to recognize wellness needs in themselves and colleagues, and when recognized, physicians may be uncertain how to access resources available through the FPWP.”

Quiz Time is an effective and time-efficient way to deliver information and equip learners through micro-learning. Recognizing the time constraints of practicing faculty and physicians, Quiz Time provides just-in-time learning by delivering daily quiz-items to email or mobile device.

Immediate feedback on the multiple-choice question as well as accompanying resources, implications for practice and references will equip participants with the knowledge they need to help sustain their own personal well-being.

Elective participation in Quiz Time is available to all credentialed faculty and physicians at VUMC, and CME credit is available for applicable learners who engage in at least 80% of the questions.

“While not all faculty and physicians at VUMC may currently be experiencing well-being needs that could benefit from services at the FPWP, it is likely that all faculty and physicians know at least one colleague who might be in need,” said Jim Kendall, LCSW, manager of Work/Life Connections-EAP.  “By ensuring that faculty and physicians know how to find, explain and utilize the resources available through the FPWP program, faculty and physicians at VUMC will be empowered to provide peer-support to their colleagues in need.”

Go here to register for the Quiz Time module.

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