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News Releases

Recent press releases approved for use by print, broadcast or online media.

VUMC Nursing ‘adopts’ Code Academy week hosted by Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee

VUMC Nursing is crafting a comprehensive program that addresses four significant nursing issues. The Boys & Girls Clubs started Code Academy to increase youth interest in tech/digital careers and to help facilitate a platform to elevate youth voices.  

GeneMAP discovery platform will help define functions for ‘orphan’ metabolic proteins 

The combination of genomics and metabolism identified a long-sought mitochondrial choline transporter.

Vanderbilt mourns the loss of neonatal medicine pioneer Mildred Stahlman

Mildred T. Stahlman, MD, who pioneered the treatment of lung disease in premature infants and who was a tireless advocate of children of all ages, died June 29. She was 101.

Antibody trial launched to address enterovirus threat

Enterovirus D68 has caused an increasing number of infections during the past decade and is associated with acute flaccid myelitis, a polio-like condition that mostly affects children and causes sudden weakness and paralysis.

International trial introduces another curative option for sickle cell disease 

The therapy, haploidentical bone marrow transplant with thiotepa and posttransplant cyclophosphamide, is as safe and more affordable than the recently FDA-approved myeloablative gene therapy and gene editing treatments.

Fireworks and sparklers are lots of fun, but they can cause terrible injuries; how to celebrate safely

Protect the eye on the 4th of July