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News Releases

Recent press releases approved for use by print, broadcast or online media.

Source: Tennessee Department of Health (graphic by Diana Duren)

Rising syphilis cases prompt more testing during pregnancy

When found and treated early with antibiotics, syphilis is curable. Untreated syphilis can cause deafness, blindness and irreversible heart and brain damage.


NIH grant supports effort to build expertise in genetic epidemiology research in Vietnam

V2-GENE, the Vanderbilt-Vietnam Genetic Epidemiology Training Program, will develop a team of researchers and educators to lead genetic epidemiology research of noncommunicable diseases across the lifespan in Vietnam.


Acetaminophen shows promise in warding off acute respiratory distress syndrome, organ injury in patients with sepsis

Findings from NIH-supported clinical trial suggest that intravenous acetaminophen has the greatest benefit in the sickest patients.

Recovery team members included, from left, Will Tucker, MD, Stephen DeVries, DMSc, PA-C, and Christopher Schwartz, RN.

VUMC team travels to Alaska to recover a donor heart

The 5,704 nautical-mile trip is the farthest VUMC has traveled for an organ. The remarkable journey illustrates how new technologies make it possible to preserve organs longer, allowing Vanderbilt to look farther for a match.

New online repository offers physicians quick guidance on care of rare disease patients

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has collaborated with Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., to develop the Rare Disease Clinical Activity Protocol Program, or RareCAP, a growing online repository of clinical protocols designed to offer quick, practical guidance on the care of patients with rare diseases.


Breast cancer risk variants identified for women of African ancestry

A study led by researchers from Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center sheds light on some of the genetic variants that make breast cancer more deadly for women of African ancestry and significantly reduces the disparity in knowledge for assessing their genomic risk factors.