Elevate Team Award

GME Self-Study Team takes charge for accreditation site visit

“The support of VUMC’s GME programs and the development of its future clinicians and leaders allows for optimal patient care and the creation of a learning environment that supports our patients and learners of all stages…”

Ambulatory Barcode Medication Administration Implementation team effort improves safety for all

“This effort is the result of enormous teamwork and results in added safety for medication administration for all patients from newborn to geriatric. It’s a real win for all the patients we serve.”

The MyHealth Bundles Team transforms and innovates health care to create a better patient experience.

“Now I can do everything. I can truly enjoy my grandchildren and go to all their sports activities without fearing walking up and down bleachers…I feel like my life is back.”

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Protocol Team improves lives of hard-to-diagnose patients

“The NPH Protocol exemplifies multiple disciplines working together to improve the lives of patients and their caregivers.”

Patient Flow Discharge Lounge staff wins Elevate Team Award

“This team is fully invested in the vision of creating capacity, so that we can meet the needs of our patients in our community.”

VUH’s Radiology Command Center Team earns award for quick action to address contrast imaging global supply shortage

The team’s quick actions meant contrast imaging studies were reserved for people with emergent health situations, like heart attacks and strokes.

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