Credo Award

Melanie Walker implemented a new mechanical breathing assist mode in the PICU in just four days. Her quick work saved a child’s life.

Walker received a VUMC Credo Award for her dedication to that patient and to quality and safe respiratory care for pediatric patients.

A man who wears “20 different hats,” Jonathan Kraft earns Credo Award for his dedication to pediatric patients and his colleagues

“In the OR, kids don’t have anyone except the doctors, techs and nurses taking care of them. They can’t speak for themselves. I realize the privilege and responsibility I have to those kids, and I’ve felt a lot of purpose in my role.”

Audrey Kuntz won an award. Her colleagues gifted her a tool belt.

For her ability to problem solve and advocate for patients and staff, Kuntz was a named a Credo Award winner.

A fierce patient advocate, physical therapist Sarah Moran is a champion for children with disabilities

“Sarah is truly the unsung hero. It is because of her diligence, leadership, communication and dedication that hundreds of children in Tennessee and their families had memorable experiences this summer at triathlons and camps.”

Credo Award winner Jay Morrison sees himself as VUMC’s utility baseball player, giving structure, process and support so the whole team wins

“I love a challenge and working on something I know is going to be hard because the value is that much better on the back end.”

Inspired by a childhood friend’s care journey, Jennifer Wright always knew she would work for Vanderbilt one day

“I love what I do; I have a passion for people, and I know getting my job done is helping someone. When I say I’m going to do something, I want to succeed.”

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