Credo Award

Making a connection is about more than just work for Michelle Payne

Her commitment to human connection doesn’t just make her an excellent marketing director—it also makes her a great co-worker

Troy Hamm says he ‘happened to be in the right place, at the right time’ when he saved a patient’s life. It was anything but chance.

“Troy is a true professional, and his consistent actions and behavior not only make him a front-line hero, but a shining example of our Credo behaviors.”

Annette Goad follows the ‘golden rule’ of patient care – care for patients the way she would want to be cared for.

“I have to set that bar high because that’s the way I want other providers to treat my family, friends and co-workers who I love dearly. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Lisa Bond, master surgery scheduler, helps thousands of people achieve better hearing each year

Surgery scheduling is not as simple as looking at one calendar and picking a day. But Bond makes it her mission to ensure everyone is happy.

No detail is too small and no task too big for research administrative officer Mustafa Nateqi

Nateqi’s can-do attitude and dedication earn him a Credo Award.

A leading authority in ICU-related depression and PTSD, Jim Jackson’s skills have proven especially critical to helping patients during the pandemic

“The last year has been so traumatizing and hard, but to use the skills and knowledge that we have been developing to good effect in the service of others during this difficult season has been meaningful.”

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