Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Jason Watkins was one of the speakers at graduation. A Mama Lere alum, Watkins is getting his master’s degree in speech language pathology at Tennessee State University and has received one of the Department of Hearing & Speech Sciences’ specialty track training grants, which allows him to take pediatric hearing loss classes in our graduate program. (photo by Erin O. Smith)

Mama Lere Hearing School graduation

The Mama Lere Hearing School teaches children, mostly with hearing loss, to listen, read, sing and talk.

VUMC receives $13 million grant to coordinate multisite clinical trial for Rett syndrome treatment

Vanderbilt University Medical Center received a $13 million Department of Defense grant to lead a multisite clinical trial that will evaluate repurposed FDA-approved drugs as treatment options for patients with Rett syndrome.

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center receives DOD grant to study telehealth deployment across rural areas of Tennessee

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center to begin estimating prevalence of cerebral palsy in Middle Tennessee

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders has received funding to monitor and estimate prevalence of cerebral palsy (CP) in Middle Tennessee.

Study shows autism profiles can be identified early via tele-assessment with a tool created at VUMC

A study new study by Vanderbilt researchers offers compelling data that many autism profiles can be identified early via tele-assessment.

SENSE Theatre students act in the play Circus del Sé.

SENSE Theatre study finds play participation increases social skills in autistic youth

Together with the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and ACM Lifting Lives, SENSE Theatre recently presented a two-night performance of the play Circus del Sé, written by Blythe Corbett, PhD, James G. Blakemore Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

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