Elevate Team Award

Posing with the award presented by the Tennessee Hospital Association are (front row, from left) Molly Knostman, PharmD, MHA, C. Wright Pinson, MBA, MD, Patty Wright, MD, Mark Sullivan, PharmD (back row, from left) Halden Van Cleave, PharmD, MS, Deidra Dickerson, PharmD, Garrett Crothers, PharmD, Kevin Scharfman, PharmD, Eric Patton and Ryan Schell, PharmD.

Elevate Team Award celebrates COVIDRX team’s coordinated, statewide distribution of COVID-19 therapeutic

“The team focused on the patients. We took a Vanderbilt Credo and extended it and portrayed it for the entire state of Tennessee.”

The Molecular Infectious Disease Lab team earns spotlight for work on COVID-19 diagnostic testing

The first suspected case of COVID-19 was detected in Tennessee March 5. Within four days, the lab team identified a testing platform, obtained reagents and developed and validated the test.
By the end of the first 10 days, more than 3,300 tests had been completed.

Telehealth team wins Elevate Team Award

“In a time of crisis and uncertainty, the Telehealth team quickly adapted to the changing guidelines and mobilized the organization to establish a robust and effective way to reach and serve our patients in their homes.”

The NICU Interdisciplinary Mock Code Work Group knows every second counts in a code response to save critically ill patients’ lives.

The work group, which calls a mock code twice a month to give team members as much practice as possible, has managed to cut the response time to a code in half, from about 143 seconds to 77 seconds.

Office of Outpatient Referral Assistance wins Elevate Team Award

“They always go above and beyond to help me with getting approval or redirecting patients. No matter how busy they are, they are willing to stop and help me.”

When it comes to patients’ medical mysteries, the VUMC Undiagnosed Diseases Network team is on the case

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