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Focus on Epic: eStar creates galaxy of interconnected applications

Aug. 10, 2017, 10:40 AM

by Kelsey Herbers

In an effort to continue its constant search for ways to enhance patient care, VUMC has embarked on a journey to reach for the future of health care — a new galaxy equipped with the resources needed to take its work to new heights.

This journey, known as EpicLeap, “shoots for the stars,” as VUMC adopts a galaxy of roughly 200 interconnected software applications. These applications are integrated with one another and have the ability to share information in real time, helping VUMC to deliver a patient care experience that is unified and seamless.

At the center of this galaxy is a system known as eStar, which comprises 25 different modules of Epic software. These modules underwent extensive customization to ensure they are fit for VUMC’s specific needs.

All of these components make up the eStar Galaxy — a new and innovative approach to delivering care of such a high quality that it’s considered to be “out of this world.” n

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