April 20, 2012

Vanderbilt recognized by AHA as a fit-friendly company

(Vanderbilt University)

For the fifth consecutive year, Vanderbilt has been recognized by the American Heart Association with its Platinum Level Start! Fit-friendly Company Award.

This award is given to companies that demonstrate progressive leadership toward making health and wellness a priority for their workforce. Vanderbilt will receive recognition in the September issue of Fortune magazine for the accomplishment.

“We would like to thank everyone whose hard work, program participation and dedication helped Vanderbilt once again win the American Heart Association’s Platinum Level award,” said Lori Rolando, medical director of Health Plus. “The award is the AHA’s pinnacle of corporate wellness and is given to those companies that make the health and wellness of their employees a priority. We would especially like to thank our senior leadership, whose continued support and encouragement has exemplified this culture of wellness at Vanderbilt.”

Health Plus and Vanderbilt Heart collaborate to provide the Start! Physical Activity Program and encourage all employees to participate in reaching the 2012 goal of 1.75 billion combined steps by Dec. 31. Find an activity you like, and track what you do. Any activity you do will be converted to steps.

Qualify for a prize for each of the four challenges in 2012. The Vanderbilt campus’ marked walking trails, motivational emails and an annual senior leader walk are some of the many activities designed to support faculty and staff in moving more and having fun.

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