July 3, 2012

The future is all around us

A selected group of Medical Center leaders were asked about where they think the opportunities and challenges lie in the decade ahead, and the part that all of us play as we move ahead together.

The strategy was to ask many people the same questions, on the theory that they would think about the question through the lens of their area of expertise, but would also relate that to the institution as a whole.

Some people were also asked questions specific to their areas of responsibility.

Taken as a whole, the thoughts, dreams and plans expressed here provide a snapshot of a great Medical Center planning and working to become even greater.

Nobody has a crystal ball, of course. We all know that national and world events can intervene and change our plans.

But looking over the horizon line ahead also helps us find our bearings now, and the leaders interviewed here take seriously their roles in finding the seeds of what we can become in the present in which we are.