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Award winners embody caring, dedication

Mar. 18, 2013, 10:01 AM

The latest Credo Award and Five Pillar Leader Award winners were announced at this week’s Spring Clinical Enterprise Leadership Assembly at Langford Auditorium.

Nancye Feistritzer, MSN, R.N., associate hospital director, received the Five Pillar Leader Award, which is given to staff and faculty who exemplify all-around leadership in terms of people, service, quality, growth/finance and innovation.

Nancye Feistritzer, MSN, R.N.

Feistritzer’s nominating letter recounted an incident that occurred when Feistritzer and a colleague encountered an elderly woman with a problem as they were walking through a Medical Center parking garage on their way to a meeting. The woman couldn’t find her car.

“Nancye got in her own car with this woman and drove around the garage until they located her car. This is the kind of caring that Nancye demonstrates to all whom she encounters.”

The letter also mentioned a number of patient capacity and quality of care innovations authored or fostered by Feistritzer.

“When the discussion moves toward a problem, no matter how big, all eyes turn to Nancye. The wheels begin turning and soon you hear the words from her mouth ‘What if…’.”
The Credo Award is given to staff and faculty who exemplify the Medical Center’s standards for service and all-around professionalism as set out in the VUMC credo. Credo Awards went to: Laura Gee, technician manager, Veterinary Medicine; Lesley-Ann Smith, coordinator, Neurosurgery Clinic; and Meg Stockham, athletic trainer, Sports Medicine.

Laura Gee

Gee’s nomination letter came from a patient, and read in part: “Finding ourselves hopelessly lost, we stopped someone and asked for directions. Laura was passing by and overheard our plea. With her arms full of books, mail, etc., she offered to show us the way, and led us through a maze of hallways. Upon arrival we were advised that we were at our doctor’s administrative office but needed to be at his clinical office. Upon hearing this, Laura offered to guide us and we thankfully accepted.”

Smith’s nomination letter read in part: “Lesley-Ann handles patient issues like a ‘concierge service.’ The patients absolutely love her. The physicians love her. She makes life easy for everyone. We wonder how we lived as long as we did without Lesley-Ann! She has an upbeat personality, an organized mind, and incessant energy that is focused to serve everyone’s needs.”

Lesley-Ann Smith

Stockham’s nomination letter read in part: “I’ve witnessed Meg demonstrate quality care for our (and our opponents’) student athletes. Taking the extra steps to schedule follow-up treatment, visiting injured players at the ER, and, quite simply, the sincere concern she exhibits for them is very much appreciated.”

The Credo Award and Five Pillar Leader Award are conferred every three months.

Meg Stockham

To nominate someone for either award, please complete a nomination form on the elevate website (VU login required).

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