May 20, 2013

Desktop alerts added to AlertVU

As part of the expanded AlertVU emergency notification effort, desktop support staff are installing an application called Alertus on desktops across the university and medical center. Alertus will display a full-screen notification whenever AlertVU is activated. This application operates behind the scenes, and has no impact on the performance of the computer. When AlertVU is activated, users will be asked to acknowledge that they have received the notification and then take action as directed or resume normal activity.

Rollout of the software began this spring and will continue throughout the summer.

In the event of an emergency, AlertVU is one of the ways members of the Vanderbilt community will receive information. All Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in AlertVU using their Vanderbilt email address and their Vanderbilt phone number, if they have a Vanderbilt phone number. Users may enter additional phone numbers by which they wish to receive voice or text alerts.

If you have questions about the program, please email

Learn more about AlertVU and ensure your contact information is up to date.