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Medical Center North, VUSN experiencing outages

Jun. 27, 2013, 10:08 AM

Patient areas unaffected

UPDATE: Water and electricity have been restored. Please resume normal operations. Be advised there may be some discoloration initially with water use. The water is safe for use. Phone system outages for Medical Center North areas previously identified remain in effect. If you need assistance, call 322-4362.

An overnight break in a domestic water line in Medical Center North has caused flooding in confined areas of the building as well as phone and electrical outages affecting certain areas of Medical Center North and the Vanderbilt School of Nursing. The service outages are limited to administrative, teaching and research areas and do not affect patient care areas.

Medical Center North (Vanderbilt University)

Areas in Medical Center North impacted by the outages include A-0100–A-6100, C-1100, C-1200, C-2100, C-3100, S-0300, S-1222, S-4300, R-1300, RR-1200, RR-1200A and the B Electron Microscope. Flooding also has affected areas of the Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science.

The School of Nursing anticipates phone, computer system and electrical outages in its buildings for at least half the day Thursday. Emergency lighting will be available. Those scheduled to teach classes at the School of Nursing are advised to decide how they want to address the situation and notify students accordingly.

Medical Center Plant Services staff are working to promptly address the issues. Faculty and staff experiencing phone outages are asked to use cell phones and to report phone system failures to the Help Desk at 343-4357.

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