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My Cancer Genome launches new mobile app

May. 29, 2014, 9:51 AM

My Cancer Genome, an online precision cancer medicine tool developed by researchers at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, has unveiled an updated free mobile app that provides even more information about genetic alterations in various types of cancer and the therapies available to treat those alterations.

The new MCG mobile app is searchable and features regularly updated information from the My Cancer Genome website (, an international resource for genetically informed cancer medicine.

“We know that cancer is not a single homogenous disease and individual patients may have specific gene mutations or alterations that are best treated with therapies targeted to those alterations,” said Mia Levy, M.D., Ph.D., VICC co-founder of the My Cancer Genome tool. “We launched this new app to provide the latest information about targeted therapies to physicians, patients, researchers and caregivers.”

The app expands the information about anticancer agents and targeted therapies available in the MCG Drug List app that was released in June 2013. The content includes information about various forms of cancer, cancer-related genes, and specific alterations, including gene mutations and fusions. Content on the My Cancer Genome website and mobile application is provided and updated by physicians and physician-scientists from 22 institutions in 10 countries and already covers hundreds of mutations in 19 cancer types.

Users can search by cancer type, gene alteration, drug name (both commercial and experimental), and they can find clinical trials available for patients with those gene alterations. Users can also save favorite searches and pages of interest to stay informed when the pages are updated.

The new MCG app has been redesigned to accommodate an iPad tablet layout and is available for iPhone and iPad at no cost in the iTunes online store.

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