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Restoration of Medical Center plaza continues

Sep. 17, 2014, 9:56 AM

The Vanderbilt University Hospital/Light Hall plaza restoration project, which began in March, is progressing on schedule.

The next few phases of the project will include replacing the plaza’s large raised planters with more open seating and surface-level landscaping. The work will begin Sept. 20.

“While we want to think of the plaza as a ground surface, it’s actually a large roof covering patient diagnostic and treatment areas and mechanical facilities that are essential to our operations,” said John Manning Jr., associate vice chancellor for health affairs and chief administrative officer for VUMC. “The primary reason for the renovation is to replace a waterproof barrier, which is approaching 40 years of age, located below the plaza’s surface.”

Please note:

  • The excavation of planters 1, 2 and 3 will not be done simultaneously.
  • Uncovering utilities such as fuel, irrigation, electrical and plumbing lines will be performed during normal business hours during the week.
  • Existing pole-mounted light fixtures will be removed.
  • Temporary lighting will be maintained until replacement lighting is installed.
  • The integrity of the underground roof’s existing waterproofing will be maintained until its full replacement later in the project.
  • Temporary benches on the plaza will be standard, steel 49-inch benches.

The restoration will be completed in multiple phases to allow for the plaza’s continued use throughout construction, which is expected to be complete by fall 2015.

For questions, please call Terry Ralph at (615) 715-1257.

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