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Security bug Shellshock puts operating systems at risk

Oct. 2, 2014, 3:03 PM


Mac and Linux users should be on the lookout for any software updates sent in the coming days from Apple, Vanderbilt IT says. This update will be instrumental in protecting computers and devices from the security bug commonly called Shellshock.

In most cases, Windows users are not impacted by this vulnerability. (A Windows system could be made vulnerable if tools such as Cygwin are installed and made available by a webserver.)

VUIT has taken a number of steps to protect systems on its servers, which include deploying detection capabilities and counter measures to stop detected attacks. Additionally, VUIT is patching its Linux systems and is in the process of reviewing other vulnerable IT infrastructures. As information becomes available, the VUIT Security team will take steps to disrupt known malware communication channels and identify vulnerable systems.

To learn more about installing an operating system patch, contact your local support provider, call 343-HELP or submit a ticket for assistance from a VUIT Security team member.

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