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New one-call number to address facilities concerns

Jun. 11, 2015, 9:16 AM

Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees, patients and visitors to facilities included in the Adult Clinical Enterprise now have a new one-call number to address non-emergent facilities-related issues or concerns. The new number, which will be answered 24/7, is 615-343-6000 (internally 3-6000).

The new number was established to create an easy way for facilities maintenance issues to be reported around the clock. The number will be promoted throughout the Medical Center with new signage.

Facilities covered by the new 3-6000 number, and where the new signage advertising the number will be displayed, include the Adult Clinical Enterprise’s most heavily traveled facilities: Vanderbilt University Hospital, Medical Center East, Medical Arts Building and The Vanderbilt Clinic.

Non-emergent concerns that should go to the new 3-6000 number are issues such as something that is broken or spilled, burned-out light bulbs, minor plumbing issues or other matters such as handrail repairs, wallpaper repairs and holes in public corridor walls.

“The goal of the new number is to allow patients, faculty, staff or anyone else in our facilities to report a facility need they may find, and to allow one number to be the clearinghouse for such calls,” said Janice Smith, R.N., M.Ed., associate operating officer for Vanderbilt Hospital and Clinics, and Chief Administrative Officer for Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks.

Smith said the number to call for emergent facility needs, such as water, electrical and gas outages or other matters that could place operations in jeopardy has been and will remain 615-322-2041 (2-2041).

“The goal is not to redirect those emergency calls. Those calls should continue to be directed to the 2-2041 number just as they have in the past,” Smith said.

Calls to the new 3-6000 number will be answered by the Space Transitions Office during normal business hours. Overnight and weekend calls will be routed to the appropriate party via automated selections.

“Those answering the calls will take the information and process it to the appropriate parties within the institution for resolution. Immediate needs will be handled accordingly; however, some calls may be placed into work-orders for resolution by the appropriate department to resolve,” Smith said.

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