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New ‘Hubbl’ app eases enterprise task management

Feb. 23, 2017, 9:11 AM

by Madison Agee

With EpicLeap Go Live only nine months away, the team responsible for ensuring that Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is prepared from an operational readiness standpoint was facing a couple of big challenges. How could they effectively communicate with the various site leaders to ensure that Go Live-critical tasks were being completed in a timely manner? How could they accurately report gaps to VUMC leaders and get support in closing those gaps? Was it necessary to rely on email and Excel spreadsheets to accomplish this part of EpicLeap?

The HealthIT Product Development team believed that they could help by creating a dedicated platform designed to meet these challenges. Such a platform could sidestep many of the potential pitfalls of a traditional email and Excel-based approach to operational readiness, such as miscommunication, fragmentation and frustration.

The HealthIT Product Development team partnered closely with the EpicLeap Operational Readiness team to design this new enterprise task management platform. From project inception to its official announcement at the winter Clinical Enterprise Leadership Assembly, the entire development of the app, known as Hubbl, only took two months. The platform’s actual development was completed in three weeks.

Constant collaboration and quick decision-making were key to the delivering Hubbl on such a fast-paced timeline.

In addition to its original purpose of allowing VUMC site leaders to see and act upon different project information, updates and tasks specifically for EpicLeap, Hubbl also keeps all colleagues informed about news and events around the program.

“Along the way, we realized that Hubbl has potential for much more than interaction with our site leaders,” said Brent Moseng, the Operational Readiness team’s leader. “It’s an amazing communication vehicle that can help all other VUMC colleagues feel more connected to the project.”

Hubbl was launched as an enterprise communication and task management platform. It is available as a mobile application for both Android and Apple devices, as well as a web app. Some features currently available:

• What’s New: receive the most up-to-date information, announcements, etc. about the EpicLeap project.

• Go Live Task List: a menu of Go Live readiness tasks for leaders who have Go Live responsibilities across the enterprise. Hubbl will give them the ability to see different tasks that they must complete to ensure EpicLeap is a success.

Future enhancements in development for release include EpicLeap Schedules, Reporting and Training Schedule.

To dowload Hubbl:

• iOS users: Search “Hubbl” in the App Store or go here.

• Android users: search “Hubbl’ in the Play Store or go here.

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