October 11, 2017

Patient experience awards honor service excellence

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has recognized 157 clinicians and 41 areas with Excellence in Patient Experience Awards in recognition of outstanding performance and exceptional commitment to service excellence.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has recognized 157 clinicians and 41 areas with Excellence in Patient Experience Awards in recognition of outstanding performance and exceptional commitment to service excellence.

The award honors areas and clinicians who have reached the 90th percentile nationally in patient experience for fiscal year (FY) 2017.

The awards are based on nine different surveys administered by health care solutions and consultant company Press Ganey across various service areas including medical practice/clinics, inpatient, ambulatory surgery, outpatient services and others.

The top box scores (the percent of the best possible responses) of all the questions on the survey were compared to the Press Ganey benchmark. All areas above the 90th percentile received an award. The provider-related questions on the medical practice/clinic survey were used to recognize clinicians. Eligibility depended on having at least 30 surveys returned during FY 17.

“We are very proud that so many of our clinical areas and clinicians have demonstrated spectacular performance on our patient experience surveys,” said Paul Sternberg Jr., M.D., Chief Patient Experience Officer for VUMC. “This reflects VUMC’s nationally recognized excellence in clinical care across the enterprise.”

“With our vendor, Press Ganey, we are measuring our patient experience scores against a significantly larger database of peer hospitals and clinicians,” said Sternberg, also the George W. Hale Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences and chair of the department. “One of the main reasons we switched survey vendors last year was to provide us with a more meaningful benchmark. It is impressive that our clinicians compared so favorably to this robust standard and is reflective of VUMC’s commitment to the importance of extraordinary service to our patients and their families.”

Inpatient – Adult

Cardiac Observation

Clinical Research


Inpatient – Pediatric

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Ambulatory Surgery – Adult

Cardiology Catheterization Procedures

Vanderbilt Bone & Joint Surgery Center

Vanderbilt FEL/VOS Surgery Center

VHVI Cardiac Catheterization Procedures


Behavioral Health

Vanderbilt Behavioral Health Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program


Clinic – Adult

Vanderbilt Adult Primary Care – Suite I

Vanderbilt Bone & Joint – Spring Hill

Vanderbilt Cosmetic Dermatology at One Hundred Oaks

Vanderbilt Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Vanderbilt Endocrinology Clinic at One Hundred Oaks

Vanderbilt Medical Specialties – Rheumatology NP Clinic

Vanderbilt Orthopaedics – Mt. Juliet Hand Clinic

Vanderbilt Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Procedures

Vanderbilt Primary Care – Green Hills

Vanderbilt Primary Care – Hillsboro Medical Group

Vanderbilt Rheumatology – Green Hills

Vanderbilt Urology – Cool Springs Langmesser Clinic

VHVI – Franklin, Kentucky NP Clinic

VHVI – Winchester Clinic

VHVI Cardiology – Lebanon Clinic

VICC Genetics – McReynolds Clinic

VICC Northcrest Oncology Clinic

VICC Radiation Oncology Clinic – Franklin

VICC Spring Hill Oncology Clinic

VICC Thoracic Clinic – Williamson


Clinic – Pediatric

Pediatric Urology Jackson

University Pediatrics at 100 Oaks


Outpatient Services – Adult

Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences; Audiology Clinic at MCE 9th Floor

Vanderbilt Dayani Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab

Vanderbilt Dermatology – Phototherapy Clinic

Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Institute – Physical Therapy

Vanderbilt Orthopaedics – Occupational Therapy – Franklin

Vanderbilt Orthopaedics – Physical Therapy – Franklin

Vanderbilt Rheumatology – Cool Springs Infusion Clinic

VHVI Anticoagulation Clinic – Franklin

VHVI Anticoagulation Clinic at One Hundred Oaks


Outpatient Services – Pediatric

Pediatric Occupational Therapy


Urgent Care – Pediatric

Spring Hill Pediatric After Hours Clinic


Clinic – Providers

Vandana Gupta Abramson, MD

Kristin Ancell, MD

Federica Angel, MD

Kanika Bagai, MSCI, MD

Michael Baker, MD

Alison Barlow, APRN, MSN

Robert Daniel Beauchamp, MD

Jonathan Becker, DO, MS

Sunny Bell, MD

Cynthia Blalock, RN, MSN, AGPCNP-BC

Scott Borinstein, MD, PhD

Cassandra Brady, MD

Ian Byram, MD

Ysela Carrillo, MD

Geoffrey Chidsey, MD

Andre Churchwell, MD

Lynn Clement, BSN, MSN, NP

Frank Cornell, MD, MS

Charles Leonard Cox III, MD

Marta Ann Crispens, MD

Kathryn Dahir, MD

Tracey Dewire, ACNP, MSN, BS

Alex Diamond, MPH, DO

John Dixon Jr, MD

Diana Dowdy, CNM, DNP

Debbie Drake-Davis, MBA, DNP

Mary Egger, ADN, BSN, MSN

Darrel Ellis, MD

Maie El-Sourady, MD, MSc

Susan Ficken, APRN

Michael Fowler, MD

Joseph Fredi, MD

Matthew Fusco, MD

Jay Gainer III, MD

Gaelyn Garrett, MD

Jill Gilbert, MD

Mark Glazer, MD

Laurie Goerzen, FNP, MSN, BSN

Stacey Goodman, MD

Ana Grau, MD

Jennifer Green, MD, MPH

John Greer, MD

Marni Groves, BSN, MSN, NP

Elias Haddad, MD

Janie Lipps-Hagan, APRN, MSN, BSN

David Hansen, MD

Helen Hatfield, APRN, RN

Stacy Hawkins, NP, BSN, MSN

William Heerman, MD, MPH

Paula Herrmann, MD

Timothy Hinton, MD

Irene Hong-McAtee, MD

Rob Hood, MD

Leora Horn, MD, MS

Tara Mosley Huss, MD

Madan Jagasia, MD, MBBS, MS

Dana Janssen, MD

Deborah Price Jones, MD, MS

Jill Jones, MD

Hillary Kaplan, MD

Ashley Karpinos, MD, MPH

Ann Kavanaugh-McHugh, MD

Vicki Keedy, MD

Lori Ann Kehler, OD

Waleed Khalaf, MD

Yasmin West Khan, MD

Anna Kirk, CNP, MSN

Austin Kirschner, MD, PhD

Heather Koons, MD

Taylor Koval, LMT

Jed Kuhn, MD, MS

Eric Lambright, MD

Mark Lawson, MD

Christopher Lind, MD

Catherine Linn, MD

Rachel Mace, MD

Larry Markham, MD, MSCR

Michael May, MD, PhD

Ingrid Mayer, MD, MSCI

William Maynard, MD

Tonna McCutcheon, APRN, MSN, BSN, DNP

Rachel McDowell, ACNP, MSN

Lynne McFarland, NP, MEd, MSN

John McPherson, MD

Kate McReynolds, MSN, MSc

Beth Meador, MSN

Ingrid Meszoely, MD

Jami Miller, MD

Matthew Miller, MD

Nicole Miller, MD

Rick Miller, MD, BS

Robert Miller, MD

Sanjay Mohan, MD, MSCI

Paul Moore, MD

David Morgan, MD

Margaret Morrison, MSN

Sandra Moutsios, MD

James Netterville, MD, FACS

Melinda New, MD

Kenneth Niermann, MD, MSCI, BS

Vincent Novak, MD, MS, BS

Michael O’Connor, MD

Anne O’Duffy, MD

Evan Osmundson, MD, PhD

Sarah Parker, MD

Scott Parker, MD

John Peach, MD

Edward Penn Jr, MD

Jason Pereira, MD

Roman Perri, MD

Neeraja Peterson, MD, MS

Mary Phillips, APN

Robert Piana, MD

Holly Pierce, MSN

Jan Price, MD

Meredith Pugh, MD, MSCI

Andrew Radbill, MD

Stephen Raffanti, MPH, MD

Mark Elkin Rawls, MD

Heather Ridinger, MD

Russell Ries, MD, FACS

Sarah Rohde, MD

Ben Rowan III, MD

Charles Rush, MD

Bethany Sanders, MSN, CNM

Daniel Schuster, MD

John Scott, MD

William Serafin, MD

Shannon Stinnett Serie, MD

Robert Shack, MD

Katherine Sibler, APN, BSN, MSN, WHNP-BC

Jill Simmons, MD

Christopher Sizemore, DO

Donna Smith, NP

Deborah Snedegar, APRN, MSN

Christy Sparkman, MSN

Anderson Spickard III, MD, MS

Natalie Spradlin, MD

William Stebbins, MD

Paul Sternberg Jr, MD

Craig Sussman, MD

Simpson Bobo Tanner IV, MD, CCD

Margaret Taylor, MSN, CNM

Cecelia Theobald, MD, MPH

John Thomas, MD

Laurie Tompkins, APRN, MSN

Julianne Wagnon, BA, MSN, JD

Cynthia Wasden, MSN, ACNP, BSN

Kenneth Watford, DNP, APRN

Bobby White, MD

Mark Wigger, MD

Brandon Williams, MD

Dana Wirth, BS, MSN, FNP

Benjamin Womack, MD

Beth Ann Yakes, MD

Ruth Young, MD

Carl Zimmerman, MD