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VUMC named one of nation’s Top Hospitals for Diversity

Aug. 23, 2018, 10:11 AM


Vanderbilt University Medical Center has been named among the 2018 Top Hospitals for Diversity by (BDO), an online source of health and wellness information.

Each hospital on the list delivers quality care at the highest level, while promoting equity and inclusion in their operations, programs, services and staffing.

“Our 30 million-plus audience places a great importance upon cultural competency and sensitivity when it comes to the entire health care delivery system. Our users have expressed a strong desire for us to point them in the right direction to providers and companies who excel in these areas,” said BDO CEO Reginald Ware. “Organizations that are working hard to see that everyone is treated fairly, regardless of race or creed, are highlighted here. This important list is our means of recognizing the best institutions, while also paying homage to those values.”

The determining critical areas of assessment for the distinction of a top hospital include:

  • Recognition of the institution among and by other leading hospitals
  • Commitment to the American Hospital Association’s Equity of Care Pledge
  • Recognized delivery of quality health care services
  • Inclusive and diverse clinical and administrative staff
  • Persons of color and women represented at the highest levels, including the board of directors and senior-level executives
  • Culturally competent medical and professional staff
  • Significant investment and profile in community health programs and initiatives

A few years ago, VUMC leaders conducted a detailed analysis to determine four important projects and programs that should be part of the Medical Center’s strategic directions for the next 10 or more years. The four compass points are Design for Patients and Families; Discover, Learn and Share; Amplify Innovation; and Making Diversity and Inclusion Intentional.

“This award reflects the importance that VUMC leadership places on diversity and inclusion. One cannot be a national or international health care organization if you don’t understand that the world is becoming more diverse. The growing diversity makes it essential that our organization comes to value each member of its organization and how individual and collective diversity adds to our mission,” said Andre Churchwell, MD, Levi Watkins Jr. MD Professor and Chief Diversity Officer.

“We must remember that building a culture that promotes and sustains diversity and inclusion efforts is a slow process and takes years and a daily commitment from all of us who work here.”

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