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Radiology retreat inspires Strategic Directions ideas

Oct. 11, 2018, 9:19 AM

by Krystyna Barnard

Last month, the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences hosted a Strategic Directions retreat, which inspired idea sharing and thought-provoking discussion related to the future directions of the department.

In the weeks preceding the retreat, work groups comprised of clinical and research faculty, staff and trainees, both internal and external to the department, were formed around four compass points derived from the Medical Center’s Strategic Detection initiative co-led by Reed Omary, MD, MS, Carol D. and Henry P. Pendergrass Professor of Radiology and chair of the department:

  • Make diversity and inclusion intentional
  • Discover, learn and share
  • Amplify innovation
  • Design for patients and families

The chairs of each group were tasked with presenting four to six goals that may be implemented within the next five years.

Marques Bradshaw, MD, shares ideas for how Radiology can enhance its diversity and inclusion efforts within the department and across the Medical Center.

“It’s important to consider how these new ideas may differ from what we’re currently doing,” said Omary. “It’s the new ways of thinking that will ultimately position us for continued success in the future.”

While ideas presented by each work group varied, those related to collaboration and communication were most common.

In the first work group presentation, “Make Diversity and Inclusion Intentional,” co-chairs Marques Bradshaw, MD, and Lucy Spalluto, MD, emphasized the importance of having a supportive culture when it comes to incorporating new ideas. Among the ideas presented were providing equal learning opportunities for colleagues in off-site locations, enhancing the faculty and trainee onboarding process, and engaging colleagues in other departments.

Cari Motuzas, MD, who led the “Discover, Learn and Share” work group with Bruce Damon, PhD, said meeting new colleagues and working with a diverse group in preparation for the retreat was a great learning experience in itself. Together, they suggested that gaps in knowledge could be used to motivate new discoveries and development and ultimately generate new capabilities. They recommended enhancing existing communications and collaborations, including joint conferences and seminars, to further promote learning and sharing.

Conferences and seminars were also presented as structured approaches to collaboration by “Amplify Innovation” co-chairs Seth Smith, PhD, and Brent Savoie, MD, JD. Savoie said success is achieved by creating structured solutions to immediate problems.

In the final work group presentation, Reagan Leverett, MD, and LeAnn Stokes, MD, described “smart” scheduling and increased use of outpatient facilities as two approaches to improve the patient and family experience. Stokes said that to identify areas of improvement, it was important to evaluate the current experience from a patient’s perspective.

“The ideas shared prove the collective wisdom of our department,” said Rich Pierce, MBA, chief of finance and administration, Department of Radiology. “It’s really great to work with colleagues who think outside the box, and I would love to accomplish and use all of these ideas in directional planning moving forward.”

“I was really impressed with the interactive comments and engagement,” Omary said. “From this event, we see that what matters most is connecting people and ideas. Fundamentally, we can’t get anything done without people. And it’s when we bring people and new ideas together that things bubble up and transform the future.”

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