November 1, 2018

Patient Experience Awards honor service excellence

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has recognized 182 clinicians and 25 clinical areas with Excellence in Patient Experience Awards in honor of their exceptional performance and commitment to service excellence.


by Jill Clendening

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has recognized 182 clinicians and 25 clinical areas with Excellence in Patient Experience Awards in honor of their exceptional performance and commitment to service excellence.

The award recognizes areas and clinicians who have reached the 90th percentile nationally in patient experience for fiscal year (FY) 2018, or from July 1, 2017, until June 30, 2018.

The awards are based on nine different surveys administered by health care solutions and consultant company Press Ganey across various service areas including medical practice/clinics, inpatient, ambulatory surgery, outpatient services and others.

“I want to thank and congratulate this year’s award winners for their dedicated service to our patients and their families. The significance of patient experience as a key element of how patients measure our overall service is being elevated across our organization, and our award winners are setting standards for others to follow,” said C. Wright Pinson, MBA, MD, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Health System Officer for VUMC.

The top box scores (the percent of the best possible responses) of all the questions on the survey were compared to the Press Ganey benchmark. All areas above the 90th percentile received an award. The provider-related questions on the medical practice/clinic survey were used to recognize clinicians. Eligibility depended on having at least 30 surveys returned during FY 18.

“Fiscal year 2018 was a trying time as we underwent the massive switch over to our new medical records system, eStar,” said Paul Sternberg Jr., MD, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Patient Experience Officer for VUMC. “These clinical areas and clinicians rose above a multitude of challenges to demonstrate exemplary performance as documented through patient experience surveys. We applaud and appreciate these award winners that have gone above and beyond.”

VUMC’s patient experience scores are measured against a large database of peer hospitals and clinicians, which makes these performance scores much more meaningful, Sternberg added.

“These scores reflect VUMC’s continued commitment to the importance of providing great service to our patients and their families,” said Brian Carlson, senior director for Patient Experience.

“Putting those we serve first is hard-wired into who we are at VUMC, and these individuals and clinical areas are great examples of putting the tenants of our Patient and Family Promise in action during each and every encounter with those we serve.”


Award winners are:

Inpatient – Adult

Clinical Research Center


Inpatient – Pediatric

Monroe Carell Jr Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Inpatient Cardiology


Ambulatory Surgery – Adult

Four South GYN Surgery Unit


Ambulatory Surgery – Pediatric

Monroe Carell Jr Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Operating Room


Urgent Care – Pediatric

Spring Hill Pediatric After Hours Clinic


Clinic – Adult

The Hereditary Cancer Clinic at Village at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt Adult Primary Care – Suite I

Vanderbilt Allergy Sinus and Pulmonary – Franklin

Vanderbilt Anticoagulation Clinic at Franklin

Vanderbilt Anticoagulation Clinic at One Hundred Oaks

Vanderbilt Bone & Joint – Spring Hill

Vanderbilt Dayani Center

Vanderbilt Dermatology – Phototherapy Clinic

Vanderbilt Heart at Cookeville and Knoxville

Vanderbilt Heart Franklin, Kentucky

Vanderbilt Heart Winchester

Vanderbilt Oncology Breast Center at Cool Springs

Vanderbilt Oncology Hematology – Cool Springs

Vanderbilt Primary Care – Green Hills

Vanderbilt Primary Care – Hillsboro Medical Group

Vanderbilt Rheumatology – Cool Springs Infusion Clinic

Vanderbilt Sleep Lab – Hyatt Franklin

Vanderbilt Sleep Lab – Marriott West End

Vanderbilt Thoracic Surgery Franklin

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center at Franklin


Clinicians – Adult

Matthew J. Abbate, MD

Tina Allocco, MSN

Tyler E. Ames, DMD

Federica Angel, MD

Katelyn Kennedy Atwater, MD

Diandra Norelle Ayala-Peacock, MD

Christina Edwards Bailey, MD, MSCI

Alison Barlow, APRN, MSN

Jonathan Becker, DO, MS

Shannon Sweeney Bell, APRN, MSN

John McNamara Boone Jr., MD

Alaina J. Brown, MD, MPH

Lori A. Cabbage, CNM, MSN

Jane Case, DNP, MSN

Michael Francis Caucci, MD

Bapsi Chakravarthy, MD

Cody Allan Chastain, MD

Geoffrey Chidsey, MD

Rohan Chitale, MD

Andre Churchwell, MD

  1. Frank Cornell, MD, MS

Marta Ann Crispens, MD

Kimberly A. Currier, MSN, APRN

Kevin H. Dabrowski, MD

Kathryn Dahir, MD

Claire Srouji Davis, CFNP, MSN

Tracey DeWire, ACNP, MSN

Roger Dmochowski, MD, MMCH

Glenn C. Douglas, MD

Debbie J. Drake-Davis, DNP, MSN, MBA

Mary Egger, ADN, MSN

Tom Elasy, MD, MPH

Darrel Ellis, MD

William H. Fissell IV, MD

Michael J. Fowler, MD

Jay Gainer III, MD

Gaelyn Garrett, MD, MMHC

Timothy M. Geiger, MD, MMHC

Jill Gilbert, MD

Mark D. Glazer, MD

Laurie C. Goerzen, FNP, MSN

Ana Grau, MD

Jennifer Kiser Green, MD, MPH

Matthew Hutchins Greene, MD

John P. Greer, MD

Shawn Alen Gregory, MD

Marni L. Groves, MSN, NP

Elias V. Haddad, MD

David E. Hansen, MD

Donna Harmon, MSN

Paula Herrmann, MD

Tiffany Elder Hines, MD

Tim Hinton, MD

Rob R. Hood, MD

Sean Gillette Hughes, MD

Shubhada Jagasia, MD, MMHC

Ashley B. Johnson, RN, NP

Howard W. Jones III, MD

Jill Jones, MD

Hillary Kaplan, MD

Mohana Karlekar, MD

Rondi Marie Kauffmann, MD, MPH

Vicki Leigh Keedy, MD

Sean Garrett Kelly, MD

Waleed Khalaf, MD

Austin Kirschner, MD, PhD

Sapna Parikh Kripalani, MD

Marvin W. Kronenberg, MD

Susan F. Kroop, MD

Alexandra L. Kuchler, APN, NP

Lisa Lancaster, MD

Jennifer Lane, MD

Mark Lawson, MD

Ashlee Lecorps, MSN, FNP-BC

Mia Alyce Levy, MD

Julia Breyer Lewis, MD

Christopher Lind, MD

Catherine Linn, MD

Jamie MacDonald, MD

William Martinez, MD, MS

Ingrid Mayer, MD, MSCI

William H. Maynard, MD

Rachel McDowell, ACNP, MSN

Lynne McFarland, NP, MEd, MSN

John McPherson, MD

Kate McReynolds, MSN, MSc

Beth Meador, MSN

Ingrid Meszoely, MD

Jami Miller, MD

Matthew Miller, MD

Robert F. Miller, MD

Sanjay Mohan, MD, MSCI

Margaret Morrison, MSN

Celia B. Morse, MSN, APN

Sandra Moutsios, MD

Barbara A. Murphy, MD

Robertson Nash, MA, MBA, MSN

Melinda New, MD

Kenneth Niermann, MD, MSCI, BS

Stephanie G. Norfolk, MD

Vincent Novak, MD, MS, BS

Anne O’Duffy, MD

Scott R. Parker, MD

John Peach, MD

Jason Pereira, MD

Roman E. Perri, MD

Robert Piana, MD

Holly Pierce, MSN

Jan Price, MD

Meredith Pugh, MD, MSCI

Stephen Raffanti, MPH, MD

Julie Wang Rezk, DMD

Heather Ridinger, MD

Russell Ries, MD, FACS

Mark Antony Robbins, MD

Ben H. Rowan III, MD

Charles Rush, MD

Bethany Sanders, MSN, CNM

Rochell Burton, MSN, ANP-BC

Melissa L. Scalise, MD

Heidi Maree Schaefer, MD

David Schwartz, MD

Leon Robert Scott, MD

John W. Seibert, MD

William Serafin, MD

Shannon Stinnett Serie, MD

Carla Marin Sevin, MD

Eric Tatsuo Shinohara, MD, MSCI

Katie Sibler, APN, MSN, WHNP-BC

Christopher Sizemore, DO

Emily Skotte, APRN

Joseph A. Smith, MD

Michael Kevin Smith, PhD, MD

Stephen James Smith, MD

Deborah Snedegar, APRN, MSN

  1. Anderson Spickard III, MD, MS

William Stebbins, MD

Eli Steigelfest, MD

Catherine Vanessa Stober, MD

Stephen Anthony Strickland Jr, MS, MD, MSCI

Craig Sussman, MD

Simpson Bobo Tanner IV, MD, CCD

Margaret Taylor, MSN, CNM

Reid Carleton Thompson, MD

Laurie Tompkins, APRN, MSN

Kimberly Nicole Vinson, MD

Julianne Wagnon, MSN, JD

Allison M. Walker, AG-ACNP

Cynthia Wasden, MSN, ACNP, BSN

Kenneth Watford, DNP, APRN

Melissa F. Wellons, MD

Bobby White, MD

Brandon Williams, MD

Dana Wirth, MSN, FNP

Benjamin Womack, MD

Patrick Stephen Yachimski, MD

Elizabeth Ann Yakes, MD

Sally J. York, MD, PhD

Ruth Young, MD

Hong Yu, MD

Carl Zimmerman, MD



Providers – Pediatrics

Margaret W. Anderson, DNP, FNP-BC

Sunny Bell, MD

Alex Diamond, MPH, DO

Tom Doyle, MD

English Chapman Flack, MS, MD

Alisa Carman Gotte, MD

William Heerman, MD, MPH

Elizabeth Adair Herbert, PNP, APRN-BC

Tracy Earl Hunley, MD

Tara Mosley Huss, MD

Dana Ross Janssen, MD

Deborah Kaye P. Jones, MD, MS

Lori Chaffin Jordan, PhD, MD

Jennifer Najjar Leeper, MD

Rachel Mace, MD

Angela Cherie Maxwell-Horn, MD

Andrew Radbill, MD

Mark Elkin Rawls, MD

Jonathan Schoenecker, MD, PhD

Stephanie M. Spence, MSN, NP

Jill Elyn Steigelfest, MD