November 13, 2018

New app offers GPS tracking of Vanderbilt shuttles

The Passio Go app allows tracking of Vanderbilt shuttles in real time.

Riders accustomed to following the progress of an Uber or Lyft ride can now have a similar experience with Vanderbilt shuttles. Passengers can now track the locations of all Vanderbilt shuttles using the Passio Go app, which is downloadable to most smartphones.

“Passio Go is a full-featured, real time transit locator system that allows you to track and view all routes at once, navigate to specific stops, see the next shuttle arriving, and see details about the stop,” said Jason Bucher, director of Parking and Transportation Services for VUMC.

“Passengers will be able to see up-to-the minute location information and the estimated time of arrival for each stop.”

Bucher noted that the app can also be used to set alerts, offer feedback or report problems regarding shuttle service.

“We are very excited about the information our passengers will have at their fingertips with this app,” he said.

Passio Technologies, which created the app, is an Atlanta-based company founded in 2010. It provides its tracking technology to municipalities and universities all over the U.S.