May 24, 2019

VUMC launches personalized care-themed ad campaign

One of the billboards supporting VUMC’s new ad campaign.

A major television advertising campaign for Vanderbilt University Medical Center is underway and will feature eight patient stories built around the theme “Defining Personalized Care.”

The campaign represents VUMC’s largest advertising effort in many years. Television ads will run in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga and Jackson, as well as Huntsville, Alabama, and Paducah, Bowling Green and Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

“Sometimes, our patients and families can tell our story better than we can tell it ourselves,” said Stuart Dill, senior vice president for Medical Center Engagement. “That is what ‘Defining Personalized Care’ is all about.

“These patients, children and adults alike come from all walks of life and have different health needs, but they all look to Vanderbilt to receive life-saving care. And what they discover is, not only do they receive world-class health care, it is delivered with a sense of purpose, mission and kindness. It’s who we are.”

The campaign will run through the end of June and will also feature digital billboards.

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