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New service education highlights clinicians’ influence as role models

Aug. 14, 2019, 2:19 PM


by Jill Clendening

Beginning this month, Vanderbilt Health clinicians will take part in service education that hinges on the vital function they serve every day as leaders and role models of positive behavior for their colleagues and trainees.

As part of VUMC’s multi-year initiative, Defining Personalized Care — Elevating Our Culture of Service, “Defining Personalized Care: Clinicians as Leaders” is the first e-learning segment designed specifically for physicians, house staff and advanced practice nurses who serve as leaders of their clinical practices.

“Our physicians and nurse practitioners are already established role models for their teams and, by sharing these best practices in service, we hope to further build upon the positive relationships that support our ability to deliver exceptional, compassionate care and service — starting with how we treat each other,” said C. Wright Pinson, MBA, MD, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Health System Officer.

The clinician segment is taking place in parallel with educational segments for staff and administrative leaders.

The goal of the segments is to guide and support all employees of the Medical Center in delivering personalized care through exceptional service to other employees, patients and families.

“We have developed a user-friendly, time-efficient segment to share some best professionalism practices in the service arena, thereby strengthening our ability to interact as a cohesive team to deliver upon our commitments to patients, their families and to one another,” said Vanderbilt Health Chief of Clinical Staff David Raiford, MD. “We expect this initiative to enhance many aspects of our care teams’ interactions.”

Clinicians as Leaders uses videos and interactive exercises throughout the 15-minute e-learning session and solicits insight from clinicians to enable further sharing of service practices in future educational offerings.

The session has three main themes:

1) Leading by Example — building positive relationships and leading through challenging days.

2) Managing Up — creating positive impressions of colleagues to build confidence in others, relieve anxiety and create exceptional patient experiences.

3) Our Credo and Patient and Family Promise — connecting these service practices to our guiding principles.

“The Credo guides the professional conduct of all Vanderbilt Health employees, while the Patient and Family Promise guides our commitment to patients,” said Brian Carlson, VUMC’s senior director of Patient Experience. “This new clinician-focused module draws upon the already exceptional leadership of our clinicians and showcases how powerful leading by example can be to creating positive experiences throughout our institution.”

All physicians and nurse practitioners should have received an invitation from Pinson automatically enrolling them in the new segment. More information about Defining Personalized Care — Elevating Our Culture of Service is available at the Elevate website and the Human Resources website under the Leader Central tab.

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