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‘One VUMC Team’ initiative celebrates Medical Center heroes

Sep. 23, 2020, 3:00 PM


by Jill Clendening

Recognizing and celebrating the exceptional people found among the workforce of Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the focus of Defining Personalized Care: One VUMC Team, Hero Edition, the latest segment of a multiyear Culture of Service initiative underway at the Medical Center.

The segment launched this month shares real-life stories of employees working extraordinarily well together, as well as interactive exercises to amplify how everyone can play a contributing role in positive, high-functioning teams.

“This is possibly the most important segment we’ve rolled out to date,” said C. Wright Pinson, MBA, MD, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Health System Officer for VUMC. “Its message — that our heroes across VUMC strengthen relationships and teamwork — builds on previous modules and reinforces the concept that the stronger our teams the more consistently we can provide exceptional service to each other, our patients and their families.

“During this segment, special attention is given to the concept of managing up others to focus on the positive value each individual brings to the table and to the team. I really want all our employees across the Medical Center to make a special effort to paint each other in a positive light and recognize the extraordinary, heroic actions we see daily. Acknowledging the value and contributions of a colleague or another team builds confidence, shows appreciation and sets a positive tone for our patients’ experiences,” Pinson said.

Defining Personalized Care: One VUMC Team, Hero Edition features two VUMC team stories and explores four types of heroes seen across VUMC: Builders, Givers, Connectors, and Painters. The segment includes interactive exercises that are a hallmark of this popular learning series and helps connect how each of us can exemplify characteristics from all the hero types.

VUMC hero types:

  • Builders — Build positive relationships by instilling trust with colleagues, patients and caregivers.
  • Givers — Prioritize self-care for their own well-being so they can be at their best to support others.
  • Connectors — Create opportunities to engage with each other and foster innovation.
  • Painters — Manage up by painting others in a positive light, recognizing their value and contributions.

“One great design feature in One VUMC Team is asking those completing this course to share personal stories about a colleague or another department that has demonstrated exceptional teamwork and to perhaps even call out a hero or two,” said VUMC Patient Experience Vice President Brian Carlson. “Yes, working in the health care field during a pandemic has been an undeniable challenge, and I am truly proud of how our employees across the Medical Center have shown that they are committed to putting those they serve first, no matter what. I hope we collect many more stories that shine a light on our exceptional teams and heroes.”

An email invitation from Pinson was sent on Sept. 16 to VUMC leaders and Sept. 23 to staff encouraging them to complete Defining Personalized Care: One VUMC Team. Emplpoyees are asked to take around 10 minutes to support the goal for all VUMC employees to complete the service education by Dec. 31.

Log in to the Learning Exchange (viewable on desktop and mobile devices) and please complete “One VUMC Team” today.

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