November 11, 2020

Patient Experience Awards honor clinical excellence

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has recognized 368 clinicians and 86 clinical areas for receiving high marks from patients, earning Excellence in Patient Experience awards for fiscal year 2020.

Four Rheumatology clinical areas earned Excellence in Patient Experience awards for fiscal year 2020. Shown here are rheumatology faculty and fellows. (photo taken prior to social distancing)
Four Rheumatology clinical areas earned Excellence in Patient Experience awards for fiscal year 2020. Shown here are rheumatology faculty and fellows. (photo taken prior to social distancing) photo by Donn Jones

by Jill Clendening

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has recognized 368 clinicians and 86 clinical areas for receiving high marks from patients, earning Excellence in Patient Experience awards for fiscal year 2020.

The number of individual award recipients for fiscal year 2020 is more than double last year’s honorees, and the number of clinical areas receiving the award is more than triple last year’s number.

“Despite the countless challenges created by the pandemic during the last four months of FY2020, clinical service areas and individual providers continued to provide outstanding care and service to our patients, and these scores reflect that commitment,” said Brian Carlson, VUMC Patient Experience senior director. “I want to thank everyone, especially the recipients of the Excellence in Patient Experience awards, for always putting our patients and their families first.”

Clinical service areas and VUMC providers — including physicians, physician assistants and certified registered nurse practitioners — were honored for ranking in the top 10% nationally in patient experience for fiscal year (FY) 2020 (July 1, 2019 until June 30, 2020).

The awards recognizing exceptional performance and commitment to service excellence are based on surveys administered by the health care solutions and consultant company Press Ganey across various service areas including medical practice/clinics, inpatient, ambulatory surgery, outpatient services and others.

The top box scores (the percent of the best possible responses) of all the survey questions were compared to the Press Ganey benchmark. All areas above the 90th percentile received an award. The provider-related questions on the medical practice/clinic survey were used to recognize clinicians. Eligibility was dependent on having at least 30 surveys returned by patients during FY 2020.

In addition to the top-scoring clinicians and clinical areas, VUMC’s institution-wide patient experience scores, which are also collected by Press Ganey, similarly showed positive change, with the institution reaching its target goal in FY 2020 for the overall patient experience pillar goal with a top box score of 74.9% (target was 74.8%).

This continues the positive trend shown with statistically significant positive change in the specific measures of overall communication and courtesy that were reported for FY 19.

Beginning with FY 2020, VUMC changed how the institution’s pillar goal related to patient experience is measured by focusing on VUMC’s top box scores, which are a direct reflection of performance, rather than measuring performance based on rank improvement, which is a comparison to the performance of other Press Ganey clients.

Also, the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS), a patient satisfaction survey required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for all hospitals in the United States, was added as a goal for FY 2020. The survey results are publicly reported by CMS on the internet.

U.S. News & World Report has incorporated patient experience data such as HCAHPS scores, into its “Best Hospitals” specialty rankings, and public agencies and insurance companies are increasingly using HCAHPS results as a performance metric tied to reimbursement.

“Because we updated how we monitor our own progress in the area of patience experience, we are able to capture and report a more accurate picture of our performance,” said Paul Sternberg Jr., MD, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Patient Experience Officer.

“We’re also able to respond in a targeted manner if we spot areas of opportunity where we can continue to improve our service to our patients and their families. These Excellence in Patient Experience awards are a clear indication that we are doing a lot right when it comes to delivering personalized care through exceptional service. I am particularly proud of the record number of clinicians earning awards this year.”

In October 2018, VUMC began a multi-year service education initiative, Defining Personalized Care — Elevating Our Culture of Service, and institution leaders point to this effort as a contributing factor in the improved patient satisfaction scores.


Patient Experience Award winners are:

Areas – Adult
Behavioral Health General Clinic VPH
Oncology Bone Marrow Biopsy TVC 3
Oncology Breast Cool Springs
Oncology Breast OHO
Oncology Breast Surgery OHO
Oncology Hematology Cool Springs
Oncology Hematology Northcrest
Oncology Hematology Spring Hill
Oncology Hematology VAV
Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center at Franklin
Oncology Surgical and Endocrine Surgery Cool Springs
Oncology Infusion Cool Springs
Oncology Infusion Northcrest
Metro Nashville Public Schools Bransford
Metro Nashville Public Schools Mt. View
Metro Nashville Public Schools Stratton
Metro Nashville Public Schools Two Rivers
Metro Nashville Public Schools West
Metro Nashville Public Schools Bransford Physical Therapy
Cardiology General Franklin
Cardiology General MCE 5
Cardiology General OHO
Cardiology General Shelbyville
Cardiology General Winchester
Cardiology Heart Failure MCE 5
Cardiology Interventional Lebanon
Cardiology Interventional OHO
Cardiology Interventional Shelbyville
Cardiology Lipids OHO
Cardiology Anti-Coagulation Franklin
Cardiology Anti-Coagulation Murfreesboro
Cardiology Anti-Coagulation OHO
Cardiology Nuclear MCE 5
Surgery Cardiac MCE 5
Pulmonary Sleep TVC B
VASAP Franklin
VASAP Gallatin
VASAP Otology West End
VASAP West End
VASAP Infusion West End
Clinical Research Center
Gastroenterology IBD
Gastroenterology ECL
Gastroenterology Liver Transplant
Hillsboro Medical Group
Internal Medicine ECL
Nephrology TVC
Primary Care North OHO – Pod A
Primary Care North OHO – Pod B
Primary Care North OHO – Pod C
Primary Care North OHO – Pod D
Primary Care Bellevue
Primary Care Brentwood Shoppes
Primary Care ECL
Primary Care Green Hills
Primary Care Nolensville
Primary Care Westhaven
Rheumatology Cool Springs
Rheumatology Green Hills
Rheumatology Spring Hill
Rheumatology Infusion Cool Springs
Neurodiagnostics EEG TVC B
Neurosurgery Royal Oaks
Neurology Sleep ECL
Ophthalmology Comprehensive Spring Hill
Ophthalmology Retina Bowling Green
Orthopaedics Foot and Ankle Gallatin
Orthopaedics General Spring Hill
Orthopaedics Physical Therapy Cool Springs
General Otolaryngology Franklin
PM&R Cardiology Pulmonary Rehab Dayani
PM&R Clinic Stallworth
PM&R Medicine Osher
PM&R Physical Therapy Dayani
PM&R Physical Therapy Osher
PM&R Spine OHO
Surgery Burn Clinic VUH 11S
Surgery Cosmetics Brentwood
Surgery General ECL
Surgery General TVC 3
Surgical Weight Loss OHO
OBGYN General Thompson Station
OBGYN Midwifery Melrose
OBGYN Midwifery West End
OBGYN MIS Cool Springs
OBGYN Urogynecology OHO
Areas – Pediatric
Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Cardiac Cath Lab
Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Operating Room
Pediatric Cardiology EP General DOT 5
Pediatric Cardiology Jackson
Pediatric Endocrinology DOT 6
Pediatric Endocrinology ECL
Pediatric Infectious Diseases DOT 6
Pediatric Pulmonary DOT 10
University Pediatrics OHO
Pediatric Physical Therapy OHO
Clinician – Adult
Tina Allocco, BA, MSN
Ronald D. Alvarez, MD
Tyler E. Ames, DMD
Kristin K. Ancell, MD
Federica Angel, MD
Rachel Apple, MD
Amy E. Armstrong, APRN
Katelyn Atwater, MD
Michael T. Baker, MD
Naira Baregamian, MD, FACS
Alison Barlow, APRN, MSN
Julie B. Barnes, APRN
Sharmin Basher, MD
Gerasimos Bastas, MD, PhD
R. Daniel Beauchamp, MD, FACS
Shannon S. Bell, APRN
Bruce R. Beyer, MD
Kelly A. Birdwell, MD
Lindsay A. Bischoff, MD
Cynthia A. Blalock, APRN
Karen C. Bloch, MD, MPH
Christopher Bonfield, MD
John M. Boone, Jr., MD
Jennifer M. Bradley, APRN
Taylor W. Brewer, MSM, PA
Joseph Broucek, MD
Alaina J. Brown, MD, MPH
Kelly M. Brown, MD
Rheanna A. Brown, PhD
Anna M. Burgner, MD
Rochell L. Burton, APRN
Kevin W. Byram, MD
Jane Case, DNP
Jill C. Cash, APRN
Jonazary R. Cervone, DO
Rachel W. Champion, MD
Rakesh K. Chandra, MD
Sam S. Chang, MD
Cody A. Chastain, MD
Angela Chen, MD
Michelle Tzue-E Chi, MD
Geoffrey Chidsey, MD
Sallaya D. Chinratanalab, MD
Rohan Chitale, MD
Margaret M. Chotard, APRN
Naweed I. Chowdhury, MD
Andre Churchwell, MD
Kristen K. Ciombor, MD, MSCI
Walter K. Clair, MD, MPH
Amos Clark, MD
Lynn E. Clement, APRN
Brannan U. Cole, APRN
Shanita Coleman-Dockery, APRN
Bethany M. Cones, APRN
Sarah B. Connor, APRN
Charles L. Cox III, MD
Kaylin Craig, MD
Marta A. Crispens, MD
John A. Curci, MD
Howard L. Curlin, MD
Kathryn M. Dahir, MD
Robin L. Dalal, MD
Julie B. Damp, MD
Satya B. Das, MD
Claire S. Davis, APRN
Karen F. Davis, MD
Nancy B. Davis, MD
Ross L. Dawkins, MD
Kirby H. Deeter, DPM
Jan Delozier, MD
Mihir J. Desai, MD
Cindy A. Desio, APRN
Anna K. Dewan, MD
Tracey L. DeWire, APRN
Bhagirathbhai Dholaria, MD
Glenn C. Douglas, MD
Katherine S. Dowdall, APRN
Madalene D. Drummond, APRN
Ryszard Dworski, MD
Michael F. Eagle, PA
Mary E. Egger, APRN
Tom Elasy, MD
Darrel Ellis, MD
Maie El-Sourady, MD
Wayne J. English, MD
Daniel W. Enroth, APRN
Erin L. Fairbrother, MD
William H. Fissell IV, MD
Pete Fong, MD
Amy E. Fortner, APRN
Michael J. Fowler, MD
Howard A. Fuchs, MD
Matthew R. Fusco, MD
Jay Gainer III, MD
Lawrence S. Gaines, PhD
Gaelyn Garrett, MD, MMHC
Jennifer Gartman, PA
Timothy M. Geiger, MD
Michael K. Gibson, MD, PhD
Jill Gilbert, MD
Erin Alexis Gillaspie, MD
Laurie C. Goerzen, APRN
Thomas A. Golper, MD
Leann D. Gordon, CFNP, RNFA
James E. Gore, MD
Edward R. Gould, MD
Ana Grau, MD
Sarah Graves, APRN
Jennifer K. Green, MD, MPH
Jennifer Ricks Green, MD
Shawn A. Gregory, MD
Michelle L. Griffith, MD
David D. Hagaman, MD
Janie L. Hagan, APRN
Jennifer L. Halpern, MD
Regina S. Hamlet, FNP-C
David E. Hansen, MD
Kathryn A. Hansen, APRN
Travis Hassell, MD
Crystal C. Hawkins, APRN
Sara E. Hedrich, FNP
Bill Heerman, MD, MPH
Paula Herrmann, MD
Kent K. Higdon, MD
Tiffany E. Hines, MD
Tim Hinton, MD
Ashley B. Hoadley, FNP-BC
Rhonda R. Hollins-Dortch, APRN
Michael D. Holzman, MD, MPH
Rob R. Hood, MD
Mary A. Hooks, MD, MBA, FACS
Leora Horn, MD
Sara N. Horst, MD, MPH
Sean G. Hughes, MD
Margaret A. Hull, MSN, WHNP
Wade T. Iams, MD
Waleed N. Irani, MD
David A. Isaacs, MD
Amir A. Jahangir, MD, MMHC
Ashley B. Johnson, RN, NP
Benjamin J. Johnston, MD, FACS
Jill Jones, MD
Zachary J. Jones, MD
Hillary Kaplan, MD
Mohana Karlekar, MD
Vicki L. Keedy, MD
Josh Kellett, DO
Jennifer C. Kelley, MD, MSCE
Mark C. Kelley, MD
Sean G. Kelly, MD
David T. Kent, MD
Waleed Khalaf, MD
Soo H. Kim, MD, MPH
Stephen J. Kim, MD
Anna T. Kirk, MSN, WHNP
Austin Kirschner, MD, PhD
Heather C. Koons, MD
Sapna P. Kripalani, MD
Marvin W. Kronenberg, MD
Susan F. Kroop, MD
John E. Kuhn, MD
Eric S. Lambright, MD
Lisa H. Lancaster, MD
Ralph J. Laneve III, MD
Ashlee C. Lecorps, APRN
Barbara G. Carranza Leon, MD
Julia B. Lewis, MD
Christopher Lind, MD
Catherine Linn, MD
Melissa McGuire Logue, APRN
James M. Luther, MD
Jamie MacDonald, MD
Fabien Maldonado, MD
Kyle Mannion, MD
Megan G. Manor, MSN, WHNP
Carrie C. Marchman, MD
William Martinez, MD, MS
Dora S. Mathe, DO, FAAO
Jessica L. Mather, MD
Louise A. Mawn, MD
Ingrid Mayer, MD, MSCI
Stephanie A. McAbee, MD
Tonna L. McCutcheon, APRN
Mary R. McDowell, APRN
John McPherson, MD
Beth Meador, MSN
Lisa A. Mendes, MD
Ingrid Meszoely, MD
Gregory F. Michaud, MD
Lisa D. Milam, MSN, MSN, WHNP
Jami Miller, MD
Matt Miller, MD
Nicole L. Miller, MD
Robert F. Miller, MD
Kevin Mitchell Jr, MD, Pharm.D.
Sanjay Mohan, MD, MSCI
Ken Monahan, MD, MS
Sally H. Monahan, MD
Lauren G. Moody, WHNP-BC, MSN
Karin C. Moolman, MD
Paul L. Moots, MD
David S. Morgan, MD
Celia B. Morse, APRN
Sandi Moutsios, MD
Huck Muldowney III, MD
Allen J. Naftilan, MD, PhD
Robb Nash, APRN
Jonathan C. Nesbitt, MD
James L. Netterville, MD
Melinda New, MD
Ken Niermann, MD, MSCI
Ed Odom Jr., MD
Anne O’Duffy, MD
Veronica L. Oldfield, APRN
Amanda M. Olson, MD
Evan Osmundson, MD, PhD
Scott R. Parker, MD
Dhyanesh A. Patel, MD
Shriji N. Patel, MD
John Peach, MD
Galen Perdikis, MD
Roman E. Perri, MD
Anna K. Person, MD
Neeraja Peterson, MD, MSc
Amanda R. Phelps, PA
Fenna T. Phibbs, MD, MPH
Robert Piana, MD
Holly R. Pierce, APRN
Richard A. Pierce, MD, PhD, FACS
Nicole A. Poirier, APRN
Michael K. Porayko, MD
Lauren S. Prescott, MD, PhD
Anna E. Prestwich, APRN
Jan Price, MD
Meredith E. Pugh, MD, MSCI
Stephen P. Raffanti, MD, MPH
Nishitha M. Reddy, MD, MSCI
Kathryn V. Reese, APRN, FNP
Brent N. Rexer, MD, PhD
Heather Ridinger, MD
William R. Ries, MD
Samuel G. Robbins III, APRN
Joshua L. Robinson, OD
Sarah L. Rohde, MD
Raymond R. Romano III, APRN
Connie F. Root, APRN
Tony L. Ross, MD
Ben H. Rowan III, MD
Charles B. Rush, MD
Rone P. Russell, PA
Pablo J. Saavedra, MD
Shabnam Sarker, MD
Michael R. Savona, MD
Andrew E. Scanga, MD
Kristen R. Scarpato, MD
Heidi M. Schaefer, MD
Laurel A. Schaefer, APRN
Daniel Schuster, MD
Herbert S. Schwartz, MD
Leon R. Scott, MD
John S. Sergent, MD
Ashish S. Shah, MD
Hamid M. Shah, MD
Ciara M. Shaver, MD, PhD
James R. Sheller, MD
Kristen B. Sherman, PA-C
Valerie A. Shields, PA
Andrew A. Shinar, MD
Alexandra Shingina, MD
Eric Shinohara, MD, MSCI
Katie Sibler, APRN
Robert J. Sinard, MD, FACS
Christopher Sizemore, DO
Emily Skotte, APRN
David A. Slosky, MD
Kevin Smith, MD, PhD, MMHC, FACP
Deborah A. Snedegar, APRN
Matthew D. Spann, MD
Anderson Spickard III, MD
Natalie M. Spradlin, MD
Subramaniam Sriram, MD
Jacqueline Stafford, MD
William G. Stebbins, MD
Eli Steigelfest, MD
Catherine V. Stober, MD
Derrick L. Stratton, APRN
Stephen A. Strickland Jr, MD, MSCI
John B. Summit, MD
Craig R. Sussman, MD
Martha D. Sutherland, APRN
Raeshell S. Sweeting, MD
S. Bobo Tanner, MD
Shayne S. Taylor, MD
Cecilia N. Theobald, MD, MPH
Reid C. Thompson, MD
Benjamin F. Tillman, MD
Uyen L. Tran, MD
Carmen R. Tuchman, MD
Andrea L. Utz, MD, PhD
Janice M. Vinson, MD
Kimberly N. Vinson, MD
Arthur S. Walters, MD
Zhijian Wang, APRN
Melissa A. Warren, MD
Cynthia M. Wasden, APRN
Kenneth Watford, DNP, APRN
Douglas R. Weikert, MD
Melissa F. Wellons, MD
Kyla Wentz, PA
Lee E. Wheless, MD, PhD
Bobby White, MD
Nicola C. White, MD
Therese L. Whitten, MD
Mark A. Wigger, MD
Julian S. Winocour, MD
Dana Wirth, BS, MSN, FNP
Benjamin Womack, MD
Cynthia C. Woodall, MD
Sherry D. Wright, APRN
Beth A. Yakes, MD
Aaron J. Yang, MD
Sally J. York, MD, PhD
Amanda C. Yunker, DO, MSCR
Chongbin Zhu, LAC
John A. Zic, MD
Carl W. Zimmerman, MD
Jeffrey P. Zwerner, MD, PhD
Clinician – Pediatri
Margaret W. Anderson, DNP
Catherine E. Arthur-Johnson, MD
Lydia Belcher, APRN
Sunny Bell, MD
Riha G. Bhatt, MD
Cassandra C. Brady, MD
Tom Doyle, MD
Mohammad F. Fazili, MD
Justin A. Godown, MD
Alisa C. Gotte, MD
Thomas B. Graham, MD
Einar T. Hafberg, MD
Stacy L. Hawkins, APRN
Irene Hong-McAtee, MD, MS
Tara M. Huss, MD
Megan E. Johnson, MD
Harold N. Lovvorn III, MD
Cindy K. Lybarger, APRN
Rachel L. Mace, MD
James D. Moore, MD
Allison E. Norton, MD
Michael G. O’Connor, MD
Sarah E. Parker, MD
James D. Phillips, MD
Andrew Radbill, MD
Mark E. Rawls, MD
Shilpa B. Reddy, MD
Alice M. Rothman, MD
Bill Russell, MD
Jonathan G. Schoenecker, MD
Jill H. Simmons, MD
Carlenda M. Smith, MD
Andrew G. Sokolow, MD
Stephanie M. Spence, APRN
Jill E. Steigelfest, MD
John C. Thomas, MD
Timothy H. Thomas, MD, MMHC
Frank W. Virgin Jr., MD
Amy S. Whigham, MD
Jennifer C. Kelley, MD, MSCE
Rene G. Vandevoorde III, MD