December 10, 2020

Nominations being sought for School of Medicine Faculty Awards

Nominations are being sought for the following 2021 Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Faculty Awards:

Nominations are being sought for the following 2021 Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Faculty Awards:

  • Excellence in Teaching
  • Extraordinary Performance of Clinical Service
  • Outstanding Contributions to Research

Award recipients are nominated by their faculty colleagues and chosen by the VUMC Academic Enterprise Faculty Awards Selection Committees.

Excellence in Teaching and Extraordinary Performance of Clinical Service nominations must be submitted by Jan. 8, 2021 to Ashley Wood at as a single PDF.

Outstanding Contributions to Research nominations must be submitted by Jan. 8, 2021 to Andrea Davis at as a single PDF.

Each submission must include a letter of nomination (typically from a department chair or center director), three supporting letters from colleagues and the nominee’s current CV.

Nominations for Excellence in Teaching are not required but strongly encouraged to have additional supporting letters from fellows, residents and students.

The categories of recognition are cycled by even and odd years. For 2021, the categories and awards of recognition are the following:

Excellence in Teaching

  • Frank H. Boehm, MD, Award — For Contributions to Continuing Medical Education
  • Gerald S. Gotterer, MD, PhD, Award — For Innovation in Educational Programming that has Proven to be Effective
  • F. Peter Guengerich, PhD, Award — For Mentoring Postdoctoral Fellows or Residents in the Research Setting
  • Thomas A. Hazinski, MD, Award — For Effectiveness in Mentoring and Professional Development of Faculty
  • John S. Sergent, MD, Award — For Teaching Medical or Graduate Students in the Small Group Setting

Extraordinary Performance of Clinical Service

  • Gottlieb C. Friesinger, II, MD, Award — For an Outstanding Early Career Clinician
  • Noel B. Tulipan, MD, Award — For Clinical Excellence in a Surgical or Procedural Discipline
  • Thomas P. Graham Jr., MD, Award —For Dedicated Service to Patient-Centered Care (new in 2019)

Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Research

  • Richard M. Caprioli, MD, Award — For Development, Implementation, and/or Creation of Technology that Elevates the Research and Science of Multiple Investigators
  • Sidney P. Colowick, PhD, Award — For Research that Serves as a Platform for Discovery in Diverse Areas
  • William J. Darby, MD, PhD, ScD, Award — For Translational Research that has Changed the Practice of Medicine Worldwide
  • Ernest W. Goodpasture, MD, Award — For Groundbreaking Research that Addresses the Pathogenesis of Disease at the Cellular and/or Molecular Level
  • John A. Oates, MD, Award — For Two or More Faculty Working Collaboratively or in a Multidisciplinary Manner to Address Important Biological Processes and/or Diseases

Please exclude previous winners unless in the nominator’s view they have made substantial new discoveries or contributions. Previous award winners can be found at

For more information, contact Andrea Davis at