December 1, 2021

Message of appreciation for Joint Commission survey

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s caring culture was on full display during the recent survey by the The Joint Commission.


Dear Colleagues,

Our caring spirit fuels everything we do. A lot has been thrown at us these past few months, and we continue to deliver. Thank you!

C. Wright Pinson, MBA, MD

The most recent example is the survey by The Joint Commission two weeks ago. This intensive review occurs every three years. It allows us to showcase our patient-centered care and helps us identify any opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our culture of safety was on display as the surveyors combed through our hospital and clinics. So much so that they commented on our passionate and knowledgeable staff, strong partnerships and high level of physician engagement. They could tell that hand hygiene was thoroughly embedded in our culture. The survey team emphasized our commitment to learning, transparency and drive to improve patient care.

The lead surveyor’s main takeaway: “Through the week, we could see your organizational culture is fully committed to being highly reliable in delivering patient care and zero patient harm.”

Thank you for your professionalism and making such a positive impact during The Joint Commission survey and every day. We look forward to receiving The Joint Commission’s official report in the coming weeks.

In Gratitude,

C. Wright Pinson, MBA, MD

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Chief Health System Officer