December 1, 2021

Employee flu vaccine deadline extended

In recognition of the unique circumstances that saw the COVID-19 vaccine compliance deadline overlap with flu season this year, the deadline for employee influenza vaccination or approved exemption has been extended to Jan. 3, 2022.  While this will allow additional time for those who have not yet met the flu vaccine requirement to take the necessary steps to update their status, we continue to encourage all employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Please remember: If you have received your vaccine anywhere other than through the Occupational Health Clinic, you must report your vaccine to them. This includes vaccines obtained at other VUMC locations, as Occupational Health cannot access your medical record without your permission.  You can provide this information in two ways:

  • You can upload your documentation, or allow Occupational Health to access your immunization in your eStar medical record, by filling out their Flu vaccine self-report REDCap survey.
  • You can grant Occupational Health permission to auto-import your flu vaccine from your eStar medical record (without Occupational Health staff physically going into your eStar record) by filling out their Flu and COVID Vaccine Import REDCap survey.

As always, vaccinations are also available through the Occupational Health Clinic as well as through the Peer Vaccination Program. Please see the Occupational Health Clinic Flula-2-Uza site for more information.

Please also note: this extension until January 3 is applicable for this year’s flu season only.  Additionally, COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters, can be given at the same time as Flu vaccines. If you are eligible and have not yet received your COVID-19 booster, we encourage you to do this as well.  Please see Occupational Health’s Employee COVID-19 Vaccine information page for more information.